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Commits on Mar 5, 2012
  1. Released 0.2 version

    Minor tweaks to documentation
  2. correct typo on ini derective

    Nathaniel McHugh committed with
  3. add new sniffs to detect for functions with parameters that have been…

    Nathaniel McHugh committed with
    … removed and will no longer work
Commits on Mar 2, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #2 from elblinkin/master

    More ini directives, functions, and forbidden parameter names.
  2. Add sniff for forbidden parameter names. In 5.4: 'Parameter names that

    Laura Beth Lincoln committed
    shadow super globals now cause a fatal error.  This prohibits code like
    function foo($_GET, $POST) {}.'
  3. Move RemovedFunctionsSniff to properly named file.

    Laura Beth Lincoln committed
  4. Fix documentation to reflect RemovedFunctionSniff name.

    Laura Beth Lincoln committed
  5. Split DeprecatedFunctionSniff into deprecated and removed so that we can

    Laura Beth Lincoln committed
    have warnings for deprecated funcations and errors for removed function.
    It is possible for someone to override $error in their ruleset, but that
    is them.
  6. Expand DeprecatedIniDirectiveSniff to take a list of removed ini

    Laura Beth Lincoln committed
    directives as well and publish an error when a removed directive is
  7. Fixed package definition

  8. Merge pull request #1 from benmatselby/add-php54-prefix

    Prefix the errors with [5.4]
  9. @benmatselby

    Prefix the errors with [5.4] so we do not get confused when running t…

    benmatselby committed
    …he 5.3 and 5.4 coding standard compatibility checks
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