More ini directives, functions, and forbidden parameter names. #2

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I think we could probably generalize the 5.3 sniffs and these 5.4 sniffs so that we would only need ruleset.xml files for each and then in the future would not be copying and pasting so much logic all over the place. There is likely to always be deprecated/removed ini directives, functions, etc.

For now, just some more checks.

Laura Beth L... added some commits Mar 2, 2012
Laura Beth Lincoln Expand DeprecatedIniDirectiveSniff to take a list of removed ini
directives as well and publish an error when a removed directive is
Laura Beth Lincoln Split DeprecatedFunctionSniff into deprecated and removed so that we can
have warnings for deprecated funcations and errors for removed function.
It is possible for someone to override $error in their ruleset, but that
is them.
Laura Beth Lincoln Fix documentation to reflect RemovedFunctionSniff name. 4e83e2b
Laura Beth Lincoln Move RemovedFunctionsSniff to properly named file. 3d953c6
Laura Beth Lincoln Add sniff for forbidden parameter names. In 5.4: 'Parameter names that
shadow super globals now cause a fatal error.  This prohibits code like
function foo($_GET, $POST) {}.'
@proofek proofek merged commit 2b5301e into proofek:master Mar 2, 2012
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