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Sublime Sonar

This plugin adds Sonar support to Sublime Text 2.


Use Sublime Text 2's Package Control (Preferences -> Package Control -> Install Package -> Sonar) to install this plugin.

Sonar Support For Sublime Text 2

This plugin adds support for running Sonar analysis (using maven) from inside Sublime Text 2.

Right-click in the editor to:

  • start sonar analysis

Right-click in the side-bar to:

  • start sonar analysis


To use any of the snippets, simply type the name of the snippet, then press the key. Sublime Text 2 will insert the snippet, and you can then use the key to move through any placeholders that you need to replace.

  • sonar-pom: creates pom.xml file for a PHP project

Contributions Welcome

Requests for features, and pull requests with patches, are most welcome :)