Easy to use library to create asynchronous presentation logic with django and dajaxice
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Dajax is a powerfull tool to easily and super-fastly develop asynchronous presentation logic in web applications using python and almost no lines of JS source code.

It supports up to four of the most popular JS frameworks: Prototype, jQuery, Dojo and mootols.

Using dajaxice communication core, dajax implements an abstraction layer between the presentation logic managed with JS and your python business logic. With dajax you can modify your DOM structure directly from python.

Note: If you want to avoid mixing your Presentation logic within your Business logic, try dajaxice . Dajaxice implements an easy to use protocol to invoke your ajax functions asynchronously without any JavaScript Framework requirement.

Official site http://dajaxproject.com

Dajax Home http://wiki.github.com/jorgebastida/django-dajax/0751-0800-upgrade-manual
Upgrade Manual ->  http://wiki.github.com/jorgebastida/django-dajax/0751-0800-upgrade-manual
Installation http://wiki.github.com/jorgebastida/django-dajax/installation

Dajaxice Home http://github.com/jorgebastida/django-dajaxice

NOTE About dajax.core.js flavours:
    - django-dajax requires to include some static-flavoured js files in your html <head> section.
    - django-dajax supports up to four js frameworks, so you need to include one that mach your js-framework requirements.
    - This files reside inside:
        - Unix: /usr/share/django-dajax
        - OSX: /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.X/share/django-dajax
    - You must include one of this files in your html code, so you have three options:
        - Symlink the file to your public static folder.
        - Copy the file to your public static folder (Be Aware to re-copy that file after updating the package).
        - Configure your HTTP server to serve the file statically from that folder.