PHP 7.1 EventStore Implementation
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Prooph Event Store

PHP 7.1 EventStore Implementation.

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Prooph Event Store is capable of persisting event messages that are organized in streams. Prooph\EventStore\EventStore itself is a facade for different persistence adapters (see the list below) and adds event-driven hook points for Prooph\EventStore\Plugin\Plugins which make the Event Store highly customizable.


You can install prooph/event-store via composer by adding "prooph/event-store": "^7.0" as requirement to your composer.json.

Available persistent implementations

Available snapshot store implementations

Quick Start

For a short overview please see the annotated Quickstart in the examples folder.


Documentation is in the doc tree, and can be compiled using bookdown.

$ php ./vendor/bin/bookdown docs/bookdown.json
$ php -S -t docs/html/

Then browse to http://localhost:8080/

Video Introduction

Prooph Event Store v7



Please feel free to fork and extend existing or add new plugins and send a pull request with your changes! To establish a consistent code quality, please provide unit tests for all your changes and may adapt the documentation.

Version Guidance

Version Status PHP Version Support Until
5.x EOL >= 5.5 EOL
6.x Maintained >= 5.5 3 Dec 2017
7.x Latest >= 7.1 active


Released under the New BSD License.