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6.0 Release

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@codeliner codeliner released this 22 Nov 22:42
· 695 commits to master since this release


The 6th major release of prooph/event-store adds a lot of great new features like snapshot support, replay functionality and using stream iterators to be able to handle huge amount of events when loading streams.
Interface changes and removed classes cause some BC breaks. We recommend you to read documentation. Also new versions of the event store adapters are released. Make sure you require the newest version for your adapter of choice.

If you're using prooph event store together with prooph/event-sourcing just update prooph/event-sourcing to v4.0 and maybe align your repositories set up.

If you encounter any problems with upgrading to prooph/event-store v6.0 don't hesitate to contact us in the prooph chat. We are glad to support you.


#13, #104 - Replay functionalitiy
#26 - Notes about upcasting
#113 - Snapshotting



  • #97 Deprecated nested transaction support is now removed
  • #142 Stream strategies are gone, repository set up is much simpler now