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Contributing to PRoot / CARE

An introduction to contributing to PRoot / CARE development

The PRoot Team welcomes, and depends, on contributions from students and collaborators in the open source and academic communities. Contributions can be made in a number of ways, a few examples are:

  • Code patches via pull requests
  • Documentation improvements
  • Bug reports and patch reviews

Reporting an Issue

Please include as much detail as you can. Let us know your host kernel version, e.g, uname -a, host/guest distribution, e.g. cat /etc/os-release, and the PRoot/CARE version number. If you get an error please include the full error and/or traceback. Issues are tracked on GitHub at <>, or can also be sent via the mailing list.

Submitting Pull Requests

Once you are happy with your changes or you are ready for some feedback, push it to your fork and send a pull request. For a change to be accepted it will most likely need to have updated tests and/or documentation. New features require additional tests in order to be included in a future release.


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