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3 channel DMX controller business card. Remember: DMX is "not for pyrotechnics!"
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I recently ran out of my PCB business cards. Rather than just get another run printed, I designed a new one. Inspired by using DMX512 with a fenode board, the new cards are Arduino-compatible three channel controllers with an RS-485 interface.

As DMX is not supposed to be used with potentially dangerous devices, these boards are meant to turn 12V RGB LED strips into cheap DMX fixtures. Why a separate load power input (suitable for a deadman switch) remains on the board is left as an exercise for the reader.

bcard-rgbdmx photo

Feature Summary

  • Arduino compatible
  • Programmable via 6-pin FTDI header
  • Three DC load channels switched via MOSFET
  • DC load power is optoisolated from the control system power
  • Each output channel has a status LED for easy debugging
  • Header pins for DC load power and three output channels, suitable for common anode LED strips
  • All Arduino pins are broken out
  • RS-485 serial interface, suitable for DMX512
  • 8P8C connectors for serial in/out
  • Termination resistor with jumper
  • It has all my contact information on it so you know how to get in touch with me


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