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Releases: propbank/propbank-frames

Frames for Unification full data release

07 Sep 00:53
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Frames for the actual Propbank "unification" release

Changes since the pre-release (3.1-beta-1):

  • QC improvements (stricter DTD and other QC scripts) led to many minor frame file tweaks, mostly for roles and examples that did not have valid arguments.
  • aliases for light verbs added, with "pos" field of "l", for all common light verbs in English that had a clean mapping to existing PB rolesets.

Changes since 2.1.5:

Unified Frames for Ontonotes Re-release

04 Mar 00:12
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These are the frames that will correspond to the new Ontonotes re-release.

OntoNotes Release 5 frames

03 Feb 01:02
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These are the frames corresponding to OntoNotes Release 5.