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Add some docs for the new features

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8 jquery.idle-timer.js
@@ -75,6 +75,14 @@
// you may just want page-level activity, in which case you may set up
// your timers on document, document.documentElement, and document.body
+ // You can optionally provide a second argument to override certain options.
+ // Here are the defaults, so you can omit any or all of them.
+ $(elem).idleTimer(timeout, {
+ startImmediately: true, //starts a timeout as soon as the timer is set up; otherwise it waits for the first event.
+ idle: false, //indicates if the user is idle
+ enabled: true, //indicates if the idle timer is enabled
+ events: 'mousemove keydown DOMMouseScroll mousewheel mousedown touchstart touchmove' // activity is one of these events
+ });

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