Yet another animation of Bret Victor's "Alligator Eggs!"


-*- mode: outline; coding: utf-8 -*-

* about

Alligator Eggs Lambda Calculator

Based on Bret Victor's "Alligator Eggs!"

* test in console

node lambda.js

* note

** peg syntax

name = [a-z][A-Z][0-9]+
var = name
abs = ("λ" | "\" | "L") name "." term
paren = ( term )
prim = paren | abs | var
app = prim prim*
term = app

* todo

todo: animation is broken when playing after stop
todo: setTimeout chanin in alligator.js is too dirty.
todo: performance (layout takes too much!)
todo: Animates old alligators
todo: use index.html instead of alligator.html
todo: lambda.js namespacing
todo: Return null when the parser doesn't match

* references

* Google gadget for hatena