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2011-09-14 Preparing the 1.6.2 release
1 # Changelog Of The Propel 1.6 Branch #
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2010-05-10 [1.5] Preparing the 1.5.1 release
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2012-03-27 Updated CHANGELOG
3 ## 2012-03-27: Version 1.6.5 ##
5 cd69910 Preparing the 1.6.5 release
6 7b799e3 Fixed composer autoloading based on @grEvenX work
7 46c3f86 Merge pull request #317 from fzaninotto/fix_model_pager
8 14b9ac1 Merge pull request #319 from K-Phoen/feature-versionable-utility-methods
9 45e5c3e Merge pull request #315 from ddalmais/feat-explain-plan
10 4e72771 Merge pull request #324 from K-Phoen/fix-versioning-inheritance
11 9f80f8b Fix: versioning tables with inheritance
12 7769218 Add: some usefull methods to Versionable objects
13 45f2924 Fix PropelModelPager::getLastPage() return type.
14 4cb3e5e Fix CS
15 4c8d9ac Use assertArrayHasKey instead of assertTrue
16 2e74a91 Fix indentation and useless blank line
17 aeeb66d Fix text formatting
18 929080d Add unit test on explain plan compute from text query
19 0469a2c Format DBMysql code
20 460b90f Make ExplainPlanTest independent from Adapter
21 377baf9 Add unit test on getExplainPlanQuery
22 2420c3e Add DBOracle doExplainPlan function
23 d54388a Remove forced database read connection Oracle must write explain plan in PLAN_TABLE
24 e4c3de1 Fix phpdoc function title
25 f62cba4 Enable to get the connection name in log
26 a8c55fd Enable doExplainPlan to take a binded query
27 00bcc96 Fix text in ExplainPlanTest
28 2f6a4fa Add explain plan unit test on mysql bookstore
29 9f16429 Add explain function use adapter specific doExplainPlan function
30 f0c8673 Add specific Mysql doExplainPlan function
31 03dda95 Add doExplainPlan on DBAdapter Return PropelException Used to return Exception in adapter without override of doExplainPlan function
32 b7669e3 Merge pull request #314 from K-Phoen/fix-is-versionning-necessary-fk
33 eb303e5 Fix: some isVersionningNecessary() calls can cause fatal errors
34 356947a Merge pull request #310 from akalyaev/master
35 38738e6 fixed code style (Refs #309)
36 3231a76 Fixed propel-gen. Closes #180
37 8168f9d Added phpunit.xml.dist file
38 769dbf9 fixed ArchivableBehavior archived_at (Refs #309)
39 45f418b Marked PGSQL test skipped
40 43e4ae7 Fixed script
41 865511a [gh-152] Revert change that was made to postgres schema parsing that causes regressions and has no tests. Add tests for my case. I do not understand the case that the person who introduced the bug was trying to solve.
42 5ebefc3 Fix #282 versionable behavior FK in generated object classes Fix #282 by replacing foreign key references with PrimaryKey
43 14a1702 Merge pull request #298 from Langwhich/master
44 841448e Fix MySQL quote issue for table options. Closes #301
45 2923a3b Merge pull request #291 from fzaninotto/remove_class_default
46 ea41817 Remove remaining BasePeer::CLASS_DEFAULT constant.
47 9d0251f Merge pull request #297 from vworldat/patch-1
48 82894e7 Merge pull request #299 from havvg/master
49 292fc7a add test for multiple HAVING conditions
50 41f605a Fixes SQL diff command when there is a custom migration table name defined
51 f0ac2e9 `<parameter />` tags inside behaviors are optional. The current schema fails when including a behavior like `<behavior name="auto_add_pk" />`.
52 0eacc54 Merge pull request #295 from fzaninotto/versionable_namespace
53 1f46f36 Add missing namespace declarations in versionable behavior.
54 3d5dc3c Merge pull request #287 from fzaninotto/findoneorcreate_exception
55 f033016 Merge pull request #288 from fzaninotto/select_paginate
56 f2d1cce Merge pull request #289 from fzaninotto/archivable_namespace
57 e9051d4 Merge pull request #290 from fzaninotto/diff_with_migrations
58 e0c16e2 Remove BasePeer::CLASS_DEFAULT constant.
59 0b34a67 Update diff task to fail when uncommitted migrations are found.
60 34bd8d6 Add missing namespace declaration in archivable behavior.
61 f216a1a Add unit tests for paginate() used together with select()
62 891e332 Update the exception thrown by findOneOrCreate() when used with a join.
63 209e34d Merge pull request #279 from grandbora/fixSelectWithPeerConstant
64 2f9c987 fixed and tested
65 5850dce correct way of checking if a formatter was set
66 7afba56 code standard
67 b4727af fixing issue #248 allowing the use of custom PropelFormatter with select
68 49416d3 Fixed CS/trailing whitespaces
69 a8145ce Extended the clear method of the generated Active Record objects so that when dealing with object/array columns, the _unserialized fields will be cleared as well.
70 3ddd790 Fixed test showing a warning of undefined key offsets because numerically indexed arrays after cast to objects cannot be accessed by numeric property.
71 33acfaa Added failing tests for object and array type columns, caused by object reuse via the PropelOnDemandFormatter.
72 af6994e Merge pull request #276 from havvg/patch-1
73 84df995 add test for class targets build
74 a9d972e make class targets selectable
75 e95a5d4 Merge pull request #268 from cedriclombardot/fix-count-with-select-from-select
76 ae7bdfc Merge pull request #270 from cedriclombardot/fix-issue-206
77 e3f5081 Fix cs
78 46dffc8 Fix cs for testSubQueryCount()
79 8cc0cb3 Merge pull request #269 from jaugustin/patch-1
80 f23575d Fix findPkSimple() uses wrong key for InstancePool (QueryBuilder) #206
81 0383d9c Provide unit test for doCount with subqueries
82 bdb2e32 this fix an issue with the propelorm/propelbundle#62
83 7025b10 Mark as complex queries look like SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM book) as b to fix bug in doCount()
84 8184e26 Bumped version to 1.6.5-dev
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2012-01-16 Preparing the 1.6.4 release
86 ## 2012-01-16: Version 1.6.4 ##
88 [f8fdf43] Preparing the 1.6.4 release
89 [6984ed0] Merged PR #177. Fixes #90
90 [1acaf0c] Fix #90 PropelOnDemandFormatter formatter broken when using single table inheritance
91 [aa7870b] [aggregate] Fix behavior when used with namespaces.
92 [843a7fb] [SchemaValidator] Schema validation fails for equal nest relations.
93 [65da18e] Added 'IF EXISTS' on 'DROP' clauses for PostgreSQL
94 [176242b] restoring the ability of reverse-engineering views
95 [2280ccb] add tests for Graphviz DOT generation
96 [3210ec9] mark FK with PK if both apply to column
97 [582d79b] Add unit test for 08e597835dd484e8b894f2ca1f56f053d3a4cfdb.
98 [08e5978] Add to phpName parameter to ArchivableBehavior.
99 [01994f2] Update test/testsuite/runtime/adapter/DBAdapterTest.php
100 [a6421e8] Correction to createSelectSqlPart at & after line 441 - it tries to look for a space between the rightmost '(' and the rightmost '.' after it.
101 [f93fff8] [Generator][I18nBehavior] fix setLocale when using custom locale_column fixes #223
102 [4eb6602] Revert "Fixed Ymd format for PropelDateTime::newInstance"
103 [1b97344] Revert "fix isTimestamp."
104 [d0813bf] fix PropelQuickBuilder-dependent tests after SQLite DROP TABLE change
105 [87f30a6] use DROP TABLE IF EXISTS with SQLite
106 [0671d6b] Fixes #218, plus some typo fixes.
107 [9d8e12a] fixes #135
108 [059df0a] empty test case
109 [6c8e974] typo fix (enterface -> interface)
110 [3d753de] add extensible ability to versionable
111 [18bc846] test typo fix
112 [5b0e107] Fixed missing typehint on crossFK methods
113 [c47f9fb] add raw sql capability to conditions
114 [cc29263] add namespace to check for duplicate table phpName
115 [68fe060] fixed versionnable infinite loop when no diff.
116 [47e9a2c] add tests to versionnable behavior whit foreign key
117 [047fa1e] [Generator] Fixed undefined variable. Fixes #202
118 [5b6dda3] Updated phpDoc for populateFromVersion Initialized variable in function declaration instead of the beginning of the function
119 [6704737] Fixed so versionable behavior loads correct relations when populating from a an older version. See for more info about this issue.
120 [5ce2674] Allowed FQCN with namespaces in inheritance keys (working solution). Fixes #135
121 [eab615f] Revert "Allowed FQCN with namespaces in inheritance keys. Fixes #135"
122 [9e279b6] Prevent notice error if no parameter found. Fixes #190
123 [c43415c] Allowed FQCN with namespaces in inheritance keys. Fixes #135
124 [af11116] [Generator] fix concrete inheritance deep copy, fix also one to one deep copy, fixes #192
125 [7a80f9a] [Generator] fix first part #192, remove pk value when copy object with single PK not autoincremented
126 [12b2ddd] Updated composer file
127 [af5f683] Fixed a unit test in ModelCriteria
128 [0f3eee9] add BasePeer in declare classes, because when you use query_cache behavior with namespace, the BasePeer is not found
129 [8ba9370] Fix archivable behavior when used with unique index.
130 [16e3554] Fix bug that caused new I18n rows to not return a valid object causing a fatal error.
131 [d222741] Put `ModelCriteria` on par with `Criteria` for raw conditions.
132 [c89474c] Remove just added methods.
133 [1191479] Add the ability to create a raw Criterion to all Criteria methods
134 [0af997d] Introducing Criteria::RAW operator (WIP)
135 [f720e60] [Generator] [Builder] Fix abstract single table inheritance, refs #159
136 [cb71e64] [behavior] [delegate] Fixed behavior with namespaces
137 [5423afb] [Generator] [QueryBuilder] fix single table inheritance findPk
138 [a8d80bd] Fix archivable behavior when archive table is in another database. There is a nasty bug causing the `archive()` method to use the wrong connection when called after `delete()` (this is because we want to enclose the two operations in a transaction when they operate on the same database) so we need to remove the connection parameter in case the user uses cross-databases archives. A unit test for this case is quite heavy to set up (two more DBs to create), but I have tested it locally and it is OK.
139 [f2e260e] Fix regression in 1.6.3, where exception is not caught on namespaced objects. Closes #165.
140 [7130d13] Fix BaseObject phpDoc. Closes #170.
141 [2b8accf] Do not specify -dev in composer.json
142 [2d66201] fix findByXXXAndYYY() when one of the parameters is a relation. Refs #158. Based on a patch by @maikg
143 [6cfab63] Fix sql_type regex to allow for values like enum('_self','_blank').
144 [efa1c93] fixes #145 : isCrossRef attribute can now be set to false, with tests
145 [87c89c6] add test for isCrossRef attribute
146 [0204345] add isCrossRef attribute to the TableMap object, set the right value in the TableMapBuilder
147 [1b28424] Bumped version to 1.6.4-dev
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2011-10-13 Preparing the 1.6.3 release
149 ## 2011-10-13: Version 1.6.3 ##
151 * [54b1941] [generator] Fix typos in new buildtime validation service
152 * [8663103] [generator] Introducing buildtime schema validation. All schema validation cannot be done in XSD. For more complex validations, some PHP processing is required. This patch moves validation logic into a simple and independent validation service. It processes the whole schema in order to output all error messages at once. Closes #3. Closes #96.
153 * [a20ad17] Added a unit test to cover changes in commit e47f63b8f224b0b85b91f86f414f223e023ff73c
154 * [275174c] Fix Behaviors adding a table when they are added as database behavior. Closes #136.
155 * [dbb0d4a] [enum type] Fix isModified() returns true when setting the existing value on a just hydrated object. Closes #139.
156 * [e47f63b] Fixed ModelCriteria::replaceNames() to handle namespaced model classes
157 * [83f8c5f] Properly define non-integer single PKs when using SQLite.
158 * [7a715cd] unit testing fo isTimestamp
159 * [4b330e8] fix isTimestamp.
160 * [31850e6] Bugfix: Syntaxerror if $archivedAtColumn==true
161 * [7b8f7b0] Fix indentation in generated Query classes. The QueryBuilder was using spaces instead of tabs to indent code. This is now fixed.
162 * [20fc5ac] Fix getId() in generated doInsert() for Postgresql
163 * [8c5d966] Fixed CS
164 * [cd0f9e2] Switched identifier escaping at buildtime to off by default. This harmonizes the buildtime and runtime settings, and removes the need to set disableidentifierquoting to true in for Postgresql. Make sure to rebuild your model and SQL after the update
165 * [59a8828] adjust AR generated code formatting
166 * [7a2a059] Fixed #118, #119
167 * [faf7305] Fixed trailing whitespaces due to PR #116
168 * [53a9ed2] [turbo] Add explicit comment to generated code
169 * [5ecdda8] [turbo] Final code formatting glitches
170 * [ed60055] [turbo] Fix doInsert for PKs using sequences
171 * [36c78f6] Implemented One-To-Many setters.
172 * [3dc5e3f] Fixed commit 5b1d911fee5ae0ef6321880bc7861dc5227cea45
173 * [59a2abd] [turbo] Move logic for pk retrieval after insertion to buildtime
174 * [39e0456] Fix bug that would cause a transaction to leak if an Exception that isn't PropelException is thrown during preSave, preInsert, preUpdate, doSave, postInsert, postUpdate, postSave.
175 * [9732e08] Fixed builder (setter collection)
176 * [bd41e0d] [turbo] Align the syntax of recent additions to ObjectBuilder. Passing the script by reference is a bad habit, but not doing so for only a few methods is confusing. In the future, if a refactoring of the builders occurs, let us not reproduce that mistake
177 * [3437149] [turbo behavior] Move the doInsert() acceleration to the core. And now that there is nothing in the turbo behavior, it is removed. doInsert() acceleration is disabled on Mssql platforms, due to very exotic bindings in adapter classes
178 * [14bcdaf] [turbo behavior] Bugfix for namespaced classes and query_cache behavior
179 * [5bd66f6] [turbo behavior] Move the findPk() acceleration to the core. The behavior now only accelerates doInsert() (until we find a way to marge this into the core, too).
180 * [d231655] Revert "Fixed the name of generated SQL files if package contains slashes"
181 * [01b03f7] [turbo behavior] Use the correct binding code in accelerated findPk(). This is to accomodate cases where PK columns have special bindings (like timestamps... ot blobs, who knows). I took advantage of this to refactor the custom binding code in the adapters.
182 * [977dcd0] [turbo behavior] Refactor ModelCriteria::find(), findOne(), and findPk() to allow preSelect() hook to be called just like the other model hooks. This refactoring allows the turbo behavior to accelerate findPk() on every model, even those using a preSelect() hook. It also harmonizes the AR and Query apis: just like ActiveRecord::save() calls doInsert() or doUpdate(), ActiveQuery::find() calls doSelect(), and ActiveQuery::count() calls doCount().
183 * [a9a2f0e] [turbo behavior] slightly better way to have binding type and value preparation depending on the platform
184 * [9b0690f] [turbo behavior] Change insert acceleration strategy to allow exotic bindings. This is necessary to let Oracle, for instance, use bindParam() instead of bindValue() for CLOBs.
185 * [2339b9d] Fixed commit 46d928f0a8f8e92484d9a031d986d0cc05c100a6
186 * [e94b626] fix coding standard
187 * [25b86b1] [turbo behavior] Make each acceleration optional
188 * [46d928f] the semicolons are missing between sql request in $statementsToInsert
189 * [f38f6d0] [turbo behavior] Accelerate save() queries
190 * [489353b] [turbo behavior] refactored generated ActiveRecord::doSave() to make it easier to extend (end)
191 * [2ce3ef7] [turbo behavior] refactor generated ActiveRecord::doSave() to make it easier to extend (WIP)
192 * [970cf4a] Fixed logical error on save() for setter collections.
193 * [5b1d911] Fixed the behavior of 'disconnectedEscapeText()' for MySQL platform. Fixes #108
194 * [77a166c] Added missing declared class. Refs #103.
195 * [d22d141] Removed useless function (setter collection)
196 * [b447f15] Added a new protected method 'doAdd*()'
197 * [9b44292] Fixed commit f267fdff5979a04b0a43466bc2dc89935831210d
198 * [abe38f2] [turbo behavior] Use correct binding for PK search. Backed by unit tests.
199 * [f72df02] Added more unit tests for the 'diff' method
200 * [f267fdf] Avoid too many deletes for scheduled for deletion objects (collection setter)
201 * [3e08824] Kept BC with PHP version under 5.3 (lcfirst() hack)
202 * [f442b35] Moved the diff logic to a better place (in PropelCollection)
203 * [fca956c] Added insert SQL ability to the PropelSqlManager
204 * [e4c37ca] Added more unit tests for the collection setter
205 * [9e6ad1d] Fixed setter signature
206 * [5eda115] Refactored collection setters thanks to fzaninotto
207 * [51729f7] Added more unit tests for the collection setter
208 * [594708e] Added auto save for related objects after using the collection setter (N-N)
209 * [9efdf58] Passed the connection to the setter
210 * [8e657e0] Added more tests for collection setter
211 * [c6db541] Added a workaround for collection setters
212 * [293a8b8] Added unit tests to bootstrap the work around collection setters
213 * [02f87a1] Fixed indentation
214 * [398c030] Added convenient methods to the Table class
215 * [6a7c4d1] [turbo behavior] Accelerate simple findPk() queries
216 * [9d9b246] Moved logic for the new build SQL task in a dedicated class.
217 * [31c5462] fix generate sql file when there is multiple schema.xml for the same connection
218 * [b5e5602] Make XSD validation for sqlType less restrictive. Fixes #97.
219 * [8dc4be5] Added a whitelist for charsets in MySQL adapter and PHP < 5.3.6.
220 * [5a40249] Fixed deprecated method since 5.3.0
221 * [fd80913] Removed WHATS_NEW file
222 * [abd6c76] Fixed INSTALL
223 * [4ca8cd6] Fixed maintainer for PEAR package task
224 * [c1febde] Bumped version to 1.6.3-dev
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2011-09-14 Preparing the 1.6.2 release
226 ## 2011-09-14: Version 1.6.2 ##
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2011-06-14 [1.6] Preparing the 1.6.1 release
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2011-09-14 Preparing the 1.6.2 release
228 * [cb2009a] [delegate behavior] Fix incorrect handling of tablePrefix Refs #63.
229 * [9aef5f6] [i18n] Added few tests to prove there is no bug with relations.
230 * [4cf9dc7] Fixed #93
231 * [65139a1] [PropelSQLTask] Fixed SQL filenames
232 * [b27fef5] Revert "Fixed possibility issue on SQL filenames based on package values"
233 * [0183944] fixed nested _if using a proxy
234 * [26fc546] removed underscore for private methods
235 * [4f6c495] fixed typo
236 * [c0ba5c5] fixed nested fluent condition
237 * [0202db4] [Tests] Preparing PHPUnit 3.6.0 release.
238 * [bffd323] Fixed failing unit tests complaining about an "Undefined index: datasources" when running some tests individually
239 * [6a0e030] Fixed version column needs to be required for mssql. The `versionable` behavior adds the version table by copying the main table, which already contains the version column. The problem is, as the version column becomes part of the PK of the version table, it must be required. Only MSSQL seems to complay about this, but it must be fixed anyway.
240 * [7c1d1b4] Fixed possibility issue on SQL filenames based on package values
241 * [d9adc1f] Fix issue with empty migration SQL generated when foreign key has skipSql
242 * [0e2463c] Added composer.json file
243 * [f46b54a] Fixed the name of generated SQL files if package contains slashes
244 * [6c2b8ef] Fix incorrectly generated migration SQL for pgsql if existing default value is removed from schema
245 * [672eb1f] Fixed commit 5c77b2a1e3efdab03e93
246 * [5c77b2a] Allow configuration of usePrefix and includeLazyLoadColumns when exporting a PropelCollection
247 * [3bc2e78] Added usage of connection in PropelModelPager. Fixes #74
248 * [ef1ef22] Updated license
249 * [691b648] Removed the docs/ directory as the documentation has its own repository
250 * [d4e9a51] should be `phpunit`
251 * [f581bae] fixed #70 : setByPosition method in enum
252 * [3269069] Fix test documentation
253 * [f6b6403] default sh shell is no more bash in debian.
254 * [d92e3a7] [archivable behavior] Added more tests to cover methods added in 9f7a0670184da5600d6abc4c79c82737f6fbad68
255 * [eb4caf3] [archivable behavior] Fixed minor typos
256 * [4c10206] Allowed to use '/' in package values
257 * [c23b6cb] [archivable behavior] Fixed code formatting issues
258 * [5e58668] [archivable behavior] Refactored method generation to use templates
259 * [9f7a067] [archivable behavior] Further improved the ActiveRecord API
260 * [2de49d5] [archivable behavior] Fixed typos in the documentation
261 * [3a3c5f8] [archivable behavior] Added documentation and deprecated soft_delete
262 * [97d383c] [archivable behavior] Fixed the archiveOnDelete implementation when the addHooks build property is turned off
263 * [ca6f957] [archivable behavior] Made the preDelete hook play well with other preDelete hooks. Previous hooks or behaviors may interrupt the course of the delete() method. This behavior (and other behaviors implementing the preDelete hook) must only execute the code if the $ret value is true.
264 * [05633de] [archivable behavior] Refactored archiveOnDelete to avoid the need for static attributes
265 * [328a32b] [archivable behavior] Fixed generated ActiveRecord::delete() behaves differently when addHooks build property is disabled
266 * [2dc16dc] [archivable behavior] Refactored ActiveRecord and ActiveQuery APIs to harmonize them
267 * [a7e00af] [archivable behavior] Implemented archiving on `ActiveQuery::update()` and `::delete()`
268 * [3fd6823] [archivable behavior] Fixed a rare bug in `ModelCriteria::update()` causing "undefined index: datasources" error message
269 * [b818915] [archivable behavior] Added generated ActiveQuery::archive() method
270 * [f1a163d] [archivable behavior] split ArchivableBehavior class to make it more readable and ready for future additions
271 * [5d6e4b0] [archivable behavior] Added the ability to use a cutom archive class.
272 * [5088e39] [archivable behavior] Added generated ActiveRecord::populateFromArchive() method
273 * [182af0c] [archivable behavior] Initial commit
274 * [ce59915] [Tests] More tests for MysqlSchemaParser
275 * [20d407a] Changed visibility to be less 'open'. Related commit: 381e378cb17b388765dfbb5a3241dacbff449323
276 * [dd10eec] [Tests] fixed script to handle reverse fixtures
277 * [d64741a] Fixed the test file's syntax
278 * [9584188] Fixed unit test
279 * [8b20446] used 'SHOW FULL TABLES' instead of the previous one to handle multiple database
280 * [acccc26] Excluded read only tables from being counted
281 * [1cd82d6] handle views when using diff command
282 * [7f89e83] Added unit test for MySQL schema parser
283 * [8470dba] Added fixtures for MySQL reverse unit tests
284 * [f75334c] Changed prototype to use the interface instead of an implementation class
285 * [381e378] Changed visibility of simpleXmlToArray method in PropelConvertConfTask in order to use it in tests
286 * [54ce432] Removed stray testing stuff that got left behind
287 * [db4e041] FIX: Check that platform exists before using it
288 * [be563e8] Fixed false positive in PostgreSQL migrations where generator would generate varchar-fields without explicit size as VARCHAR(255)
289 * [7c84b79] Fixed postDelete hook in soft delete behavior
290 * [39e3709] [SoftDeleteBehavior] Fixed missing post hook call
291 * [8fc39e1] Added test to prove post hook is not fired on soft deleted objects.
292 * [c5c30e0] set sequence name configurable
293 * [082d27a] Added strict assertions
294 * [1ad20fb] added unit-test for Table::appendXml (namespace & package attributes)
295 * [3addf99] serialize namespace too
296 * [76a3841] store table`s package name in Xml
297 * [ff673c0] Added a tiny shell script to reset test fixtures
298 * [3d6d4bd] fixed naming and default values in unit test
299 * [67a77bf] Fixed bug in PhpNameGenerator. The default name convertor for table and column names is NameGenerator::CONV_METHOD_UNDERSCORE. This method has a slight bug resulting in an incorrect phpName for table using "_0" as a prefix:
300 * [04fe003] fix usage of undefined variable
301 * [ceb610f] `level` is reserved keywork in oracle
302 * [57a0f2c] pass vendor`s type to VentorInfo::__construct in XMLElement::getVendorInfoForType()
303 * [a3aaa76] detect autoincrement via sequences
304 * [7c84546] [delegate behavior] Documented the fact that, finally, delegate behavior can handle inheritance over several levels
305 * [8290ed5] [delegate behavior] Changed class table inheritance examples to show that the behavior is much more powerful than previously thought. Refs #40
306 * [1f4ce85] Fixed MySQL type for a BOOLEAN
307 * [5e7d765] [delegate behavior] Fixed typo in behavior documentation
308 * [4ee22c0] [delegate behavior] Fixed coding standards
309 * [4b327c6] [delegate behavior] Fixed wrong file permissions (old samba config)
310 * [fe2ce45] [delegate behavior] Throwing exception at buildtime if the delegate table has a one-to-many relationship with the main table
311 * [87ed930] [delegate behavior] provided support for delegation by way of a many-to-one relationship
312 * [9583e6b] [delegate behavior] Refactoretests to leave less trace
313 * [197b533] documented the delegate behavior
314 * [ca09d1d] Introducing Delegate behavior, for class table inheritance fans
315 * [a78212c] Fixed bad formatting in generated query classes
316 * [184e63f] Removed __call() from generted ActiveRecord classes.
317 * [0e454c5] Avoid getClassname() to trigger registered autoloaders for nothing.
318 * [74cd5eb] Added the ability to define full qualified classnames in build properties.
319 * [e1662d0] Reverted change on the TINYINT default size (MysqlSchemaParser)
320 * [a2965d4] Fixed CS
321 * [9521482] Fixed TINYINT interpretation in MysqlSchemaParser.
322 * [e939c2e] Improved generated code for findOneOrCreate() method with ENUM and ARRAY types.
323 * [594d44e] Added missing link to the StandardEnglishPluralizer class
324 * [61deedb] Added more unit tests for the StandardEnglishPluralizer + Fixed special cases.
325 * [5288e48] Improved the StandardEnglishPluralizer. Fixed issue #4
326 * [22159b2] Fixed double left-join & "with" issue when a third table is joined and "withed"
327 * [ec41624] Fixed phpdoc in parser/
328 * [73a7d21] Fixed phpdoc in validator/
329 * [10f5dd5] Added unit tests for issue #35 and PR #37
330 * [9e62f3c] One-line fix for issue #35 (
331 * [e84f5fa] Set limit parameter to 0 (like intially done) if clear() is called
332 * [b377ebf] Added unit tests for Criteria methods: clear() and limit()
333 * [5ce8fa7] Remove unneeded @returns, Fix @param order
334 * [176c68f] Fix typo on docblock
335 * [425b0f2] Improve Behavior doc blocks
336 * [ffd8192] fixed unit test to check identity rather than equality
337 * [f5f9d9a] Made generated addRefFk method return the current AR object to allow fluent interface
338 * [13611a2] Fixed Typo in the doc mixing ModelCriteria::addSelectQuery() with ModelCriteria::getSelectQuery()
339 * [aaff75d] Removed trailing whitespace, unwanted tabs/spaces and so on...
340 * [698ce9b] Improved the patch for MySQL driver (possibly subject to sql injections)
341 * [54ef274] Added a new unit tests for DBMySQL class
342 * [cd547f2] MySQL Driver possibly subject to sql injections with PDO::quote()
343 * [cd99264] Fixed wrong peer name in soft_delete behaviour with classPrefix
344 * [2d0f101] Fixed Ymd format for PropelDateTime::newInstance
345 * [b006238] Fixed permissions for scripts
346 * [3e13b29] Fixed tests for PropelDateTime::newInstance
347 * [aa0393f] Add support for Ymd format for PropelDateTime::newInstance
348 * [35822d7] Fixed permissions for both directories and files.
349 * [76fb103] Fixed scandir warning if no valid directory given.
350 * [5ade9ff] added more generated files from tests to .gitignore
351 * [5c5816e] Added .gitignore to ignore generated files for unit tests
352 * [23270ef] Added a unit test for the previous commit
353 * [e86b3c3] Always sort columns when comparing composite foreign-keys
354 * [3dcd7b2] reproduced default isModified() logic for other mutators
355 * [e1ed026] Fix for ActiveRecord::isModified() in limit cases with default values
356 * [5f2ff4e] added missing validator in autoload map
357 * [7164161] Remove rewind on CLOB to fixe warning
358 * [4eb059d] Fixe CS + restore BLOB insert + Add rewind before CLOB bindParam
359 * [e693f62] Fixed Error in logic of _if/_elseif/_else. Based on a patch by lvu, updated to Propel standards. Closes #12
360 * [6f536c6] Fixe Oracle CLOB save by using PDO bindParam
361 * [ea8f4c8] [1.6] Fixed failing test after updating test schema (refs #1319)
362 * [258799f] [1.6] Fixed undefined method error when calling with() on a ModelCriteria having a relation with a special name (closes #1477)
363 * [9eac2ed] [1.6] Fixed logging of methods (refs #1468)
364 * [94193c6] [1.6] Removed old configuration test (refs #1468)
365 * [af7ac9c] [1.6] fixed regression in PropelConfiguration when setting an array value via setParameter (closes #1468)
366 * [ff2b8c1] [1.6] Fixed notice about undefined hydrationChain when using joinWith() twice and the middle entity is null (closes #1319)
367 * [0cee299] [1.6] Removed unused logging configuration setting (closes #1453)
368 * [a5ab232] [1.6] Fixed Conflict between concrete inheritance and namespaces (closes #1464)
369 * [eba3b40] [1.6] Fixed phpDoc for Criteria::addAscendingOrderByColumn() (patch by bertjan) (closes #1454)
370 * [c6b53c9] [1.6] Removed many false positive in migrations (closes #1451)
371 * [1d828e5] [1.6] Fixed issue with autoincrement pks when calling diff task in migrations (closes #1456)
372 * [942efab] [1.6] Switched to dev version number
374 ## 2011-06-14: Version 1.6.1 ##
376 * [2318] Fixed handling of custom sqlType in migrations (closes #1348)
377 * [2317] fixed `PropelObjectCollection::populateRelation()` when using classPrefix or namespaces (based on a patch by mattleff) (closes #1402)
378 * [2316] Made `PropelObjectCollection::populateRelation()` initialize empty collections on entities having no related entity in a one-to-many relationship (closes #1182)
379 * [2315] Added all supported MySQL table options (closes #1447)
380 * [2314] Fixed phpDoc of generated ActiveRecord getter and setter methods for nested set models
381 * [2313] Fixed autoloading of namespaced models when using `useQuery()` (closes #1444)
382 * [2312] Fixed formatting issues in generated TableMap classes
383 * [2311] Fixed location of FKeys in PostgreSQL migrations (closes #1411)
384 * [2310] Fixed handling of empty string values on boolean columns for ActiveRecord mutator and ActiveQuery filter (closes #1437)
385 * [2309] fixed inconsistent EOL types in builder classes (closes #1436)
386 * [2308] fixed inconsistent EOL types in builder classes (closes #1436)
387 * [2307] Fixed "Nesting level too deep" error when similar schemas are used (patch from gepo) (closes #1426)
388 * [2306] Improved runtime/exception phpDoc formatting (patch by kupokomapa) (closes #1429)
389 * [2305] Improved runtime/logger phpDoc formatting (patch by kupokomapa) (closes #1428)
390 * [2304] Improved runtime/connection phpDoc blocks (based on a patch by kupokomapa) (closes #1425)
391 * [2303] Added `ModelCriteria::getSelect()` (closes #1412)
392 * [2302] Added `PropelOnDemandCollection::toArray()` (closes #1415)
393 * [2301] Fixed subquery bug with select (closes #1417)
394 * [2300] Added test to prove subquery bug with select (refs #1417)
395 * [2299] Fixed `PropelObjectCollection` and `PropelArrayCollection` would throw a fatal error when calling save() in conjunction with readOnly entities (closes #1422)
396 * [2298] Improved runtime/config phpDoc blocks (patch by kupokomapa) (closes #1424)
397 * [2297] Improved runtime/collections phpDoc blocks (based on a patch by kupokomapa) (closes #1423)
398 * [2296] Fixed coding standards in DBAdapter (closes #1421)
399 * [2295] Improved runtime/adapter phpDoc blocks (patch by kupokomapa) (refs #1421)
400 * [2294] Fixed soft delete via Peer class executes a wrong query (closes #1405)
401 * [2293] Fixed `forceDelete()` enables soft delete behavior even when disabled (closes #1404)
402 * [2292] Fixed tests under PHP 5.2 (closes #1388)
403 * [2291] Fixed minor formatting issue in generated Peer class
404 * [2290] Fixed generated column filters for enum columns when passed an arry (closes #1381)
405 * [2289] Fixed strict standards error in soft delete behavior (closes #1398)
406 * [2288] Added missing `findRoots()` method to nested_set behavior with scope (closes #1397)
407 * [2287] Fixed bad binding with SQLSRV adapter (refs #1199) (closes #1400)
408 * [2286] Fixed DATE column with defaultValue of 0000-00-00 generates fatal (closes #1389)
409 * [2285] Fixed typo in README
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