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Commits on Oct 24, 2012
@havvg havvg add propel.migration.ignoreTables 14c251e
@havvg havvg allow equal nested set relations c41a062
@havvg havvg use PHP 5.3 late static binding on ENUM value sets 5be9722
@havvg havvg remove "Skeleton subclass" comments from stubs 88f141f
@havvg havvg fix performance issue loading references on save 71a2649
@havvg havvg make toArray signature compatible to BaseObject 91554e7
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  add more fluent FK api
  Fix a descendant_class attribute issue when used with concrete_inheritance and namespaces (issue #480)
  Added postHydrate hook to PHP5OBjectBuilder and BaseObject
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master: (34 commits)
  add test to verify changing version comment
  reset version comment upon saving
  Add test to prove #516
  Fix missing use statement. Closes #515
  Fix strict standards error in Archivable & Concrete Inheritance
  Add test to ensure we can add a conditions between to columns
  Add test to prove #466
  Removed unneeded else-blocks to simplify the code.
  Fix absolute path test for Windows
  Remove closure to ensure BC
  fix CS
  Fix case sensitivity
  Better output in tests
  Fix missing PropelException use declaration.
  Fix findOneOrCreate with single inheritance and namespace
  sortable behavior: tests for FK scope column
  sortable behavior: fixed rank shifting on delete when there are no related objects
  fix #500 update composer.json force phing 2.4.12
  Fix a few typos

Commits on Dec 05, 2012
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  fix typos
  add test case to test ColumnMap->isInteger() method
  changed \PDO to PDO
  Used by PR symfony/symfony#6150
  fix wrong order of result when using withColumn and select(), add tests to prove the issue
  Fix: allow arrays as behavior parameters to be exported by the tablemap builder
@havvg havvg do not load unnecessary data from database 8370d56
Commits on Dec 19, 2012
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  add 'add_cleanup' option to SluggableBehavior
  Fixed typo
  this fix issue introduced by PR #485
  fix slug pattern, add tests
  rework patch, fix eol windows
  add tests to prove that sluggable queries for uniq slug don't exeed 2 queries
  fix CS
  Too many queries for the makeSlugUnique method
  fix call to support php < 5.4
  fix problems when relation object has a composite PK
Commits on Jan 02, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  Fixes #345
  Allow the QuickGenerator to use another Platform
  Change fallback order in getTableByPhpName(). Fixes #385
  Fix initialization of internal iterator for getRelCol. fix #460
  Add a test for initialization of internal iterator for related object collection getter fix #460
  Fix PR #544
  teaching propel to clear UP and DOWN when calling clearAllReferences(true) we have infinite recursion prevention already covered also we add an optional param to clearInstancePool. if passes as true it will clearAllReferences(true) on every instance before clearing it.
  Fix CS
  Fix cast in setters. Should fix #283
  Fix inconsistency for BIGINT. Fixes #459
  Use model prefix in QueryInheritanceBuilder, fixes #542
  fix variable name on boolean filter methods
  Tests for improved ENUM handling
  Improved getValueSet() method, added ENUM getters for SQL value, set Query filter to use SQL getters
  Add PHP 5.5 to travis config
  Update generator/lib/builder/om/PHP5PeerBuilder.php
  sqlType="enum(..)" now set the valueSet attribute it is not required to use Propel::ENUM as type
Commits on Mar 27, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master: (72 commits)
  Make `testQuotingIdentifiers()` abstract and allow each `DB<Adapter>Test` to implement it
  Remove unnecessary .''
  Remove not valid anymore comment
  Support for quoting aliases
  add tests for issue #621
  Update generator/lib/reverse/mysql/MysqlSchemaParser.php
  Don't null size field when scale specified
  Fixed typos
  bump 1.6.9-dev version
  Split the `testForeignKey` into several methods. Added some phpdoc so its cleaer
  Fixed #617. Proved the issue #617 and fixed it.
  allow withColumn() and select() again. fixes #608.
  added failing testcase for issue #608
  expect PropelException when cloning PropelOnDemandCollection's
  separate tests for __clone() using objects and scalars
  fixed __clone() for PropelCollections containing scalar values
  added tests for PropelCollection new __clone() magic method
  removed unused properties from OnDemandCollection which were never set.
  fixed test
  order by alias is not supported in mssql. fixes #596 by @chuck-jove
Commits on Apr 09, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  add one-to-one handling to VersionableBehavior
  Update .travis.yml
  Revert bad CS fix (alternative CS behavior)
  Prepare 1.6.9 release
  Fix CS
  Fixes JOIN duplication issue when default join type equals given join type (issue #373)
  Bugfix for join equality when default join type is used
  {Sluggable] fix issue with slug ending with 0XYZ
  [Sluggable] add test to prove issue with slug ending with 0XYZ
  add test for issue #622
  Correctly add map namespace when $phpName has no backslash (e.g. namespaces are not used) - fixes #614

Commits on Apr 10, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  fix some introspections, coding style

Commits on Apr 11, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  fix timing issues in TimestampableBehaviorTest
  add lcfirst function stub
Commits on Apr 23, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  fix deleting related objects
  Fixed #651. Stupid typo.
  add an excluded_parent_behavior to concret_inheritance behavior
  only generate findOneBySlug if required
  Add test for ModelCriteria to prove it support IN operator in JOIN conditions
  Additional assertion to ensure binding params doesn't change actual result
  Use Criterion always when possible Using Criterion allows to bind values in statements. You can't use Criterion only for strings because in this method you can't distinguish if it is a table name or value provided by user.
  Add to Criteria support for IN and NOT IN operators in JOIN conditions e.g. JOIN x ON ( = y.x_id AND IN (42, 51))
  removed duplicated assertion, refs #653
  fixed urls to trac tickets ->
  fix generated CS of SoftDelete in forceDelete()
  make ModelCriteria::create() changes more backward compatible
  reduced ModelCriteria::clear() tests
  full list of changes below:
Commits on Jun 03, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  Undefined index fix
  Fixed object builder toArray withColumn
  Fixed test assertion
  Minor spelling corrections
  Failing testcase in toArray withColumn
  Fixed Sluggable behavior combining with symfony_i18n
  Bugfix for PHP < 5.3.0
  Fix CS
  Foreign Keys default behaviors managment (resolves issue #390)
  Fix some issues. Closes #684
  Fix a couple of mistakes
  Expected and actual values where in wrong order
  Improved SQLParser performance
  Tests for multiple character delimiters support
  Added multiple character delimiters support
  clone object in hashCode() function so the original object is not changed when calling hashCode provided test for the hasCode() function
  Issue #677: Set back reference when calling add Provided tests for testing if all references are set for crossreferences before saving
  fixed transaction leak when exception different from PropelException is thrown
  Added multiple scope support in Sortable behavior.
Commits on Jun 21, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  added Unit Test
  Fixed issue with migrations and decimal or numeric table size
  fix scheduledForDeletion for CrossFK w/ refPhpName
  Fixed MigrationManager to use queries and charset settings
Commits on Jul 24, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  Update SluggableBehavior.php
  unit test
  slugable behavior - scope column overrides $getter
  Support for regexp on different platforms
  [VersionableBehavior] Fix exception message got toVersion
  fix bug when adding previously removed relations
Commits on Sep 02, 2013
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master:
  Fix namespace support
  Get TableMap class name from Peer class
  Added test for version column case insensitivity
  Added case-insensitive check for the version column
  Fix small error in the QueryBuilder Doc for TemporalType
  add missing import for nested set
  test added
  fix for CASE expression in query with offset in ms sql
  code style fix
  PropelObjectCollection::getIdenticalObject optimalization
Commits on Nov 10, 2015
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo 81c097a
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