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diff fails on ARCHIVE tables #185

OneHourTranslation opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Here is the error I get:

Execution of target "sql-diff-template" failed for the following reason: Table "some_archive_table" does not have a primary key defined. Propel requires all tables to have a primary key.

I also read somewhere that this happens for views as well.


Can you provide more details ?



My MySQL database consist of MyISAM, InnoDB and some Archive tables.
After configuring the migration as suggested on Propel documentation, I get the above error while running propel-gen diff.
Naturally, Archive table cannot have a primary key, thus there is no much I can do to workaround this error...

To reproduce:
1. Create a new archive table, like this: create table archive_users(id int, name varchar(20) ) engine=ARCHIVE ;
2. propel-gen diff


I guess you didn't use Propel to generate your archive table, and you don't use Propel to read/write it, right? It just happens to be in the same database where you store data managed by Propel?

Anyway, the migration engine must know how to deal with pk-less tables - be it for views or archives. You have a good point, we must look into a fix.


Right, those tables were created and managed separately.


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