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Notice in Behavior.php on line 127 #190

vworldat opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants

David Herrmann Francois Zaninotto William Durand
David Herrmann

During symfony propel:diff several PHP Notices are thrown:

Notice: Undefined index: required in /lib/vendor/propel/generator/lib/model/Behavior.php on line 127

Possible solution

(no time to check tests)

Behavior.php, line 127

return $this->parameters[$name];

replace with:

if (isset($this->parameters[$name])) {
  return $this->parameters[$name];
return null;

As noted above: works for me, but I don't know if this has any side effects (shouldn't IMHO).

Francois Zaninotto fzaninotto reopened this
Francois Zaninotto

Hm, the fix is for the symptom, not the illness. The fact that this notice happens means that the method is called incorrectly somewhere.

Don't break the thermometer and pretend the patient is cured ;)

William Durand

I like your quote, you're right as usual. I'll look at this later.

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