Unable to delete archivable and timestampable objects #208

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Trying to delete() object, which has both archivable and timestampable behaviours.

It seems that _archive tables don't inherit created_at and updated_at columns / methods.

PropelException: Call to undefined method: setCreatedAt in /WWW/vendor/propel/runtime/lib/om/BaseObject.php on line 400

Call Stack:
    0.0008     650064   1. {main}() /WWW/admin/ajax/user-remove.php:0
    0.0072    1615872   2. BaseUser->archive() /WWW/admin/ajax/user-remove.php:8
    0.0093    2052040   3. BaseUser->copyInto() /WWW/build/classes/project/om/BaseUser.php:3000
    0.0094    2064880   4. UserArchive->setCreatedAt() /WWW/build/classes/project/om/BaseUser.php:1571
    0.0095    2065232   5. BaseObject->__call() /WWW/build/classes/project/om/BaseUser.php:1571
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@fzaninotto any ideas ?


Ran into this same issue today :(

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Have you tried to define the timestampe behavior before the archivable in the xml?


That did it! Thanks @marcj!

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