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prepareRegexp() method in (Not)MatchValidator and PCRE flags #300

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Automatic checking and placement of surrounding '/' marks in method prepareRegexp() making use of PCRE flags in pattern impossible:

if ($exp{0} !== '/' || $exp{strlen($exp)-1} !== '/' ) {
    $exp = '/' . $exp . '/';

This is very important issue for international languages. For example, following match rule, applied to unicode string with cyrillic characters, will not work as it should:

<validator column="name">
    <rule name="match" value="/^[а-яё]+$/ui" />

@solisted can you work on a patch ?


Hi I have a question, In my project I used propel php and I created databases with respective validation statements in xml file

not I am using pfbc (php form builder classes) for GUI

Now I need to validate using database validations statements, to not enter invalid data.
But I am struggling how to add the statements like

$name->validate // name is table name , validation is validation rule defined in xml
now from the form I get $_POST['FirstName'] now I need to compare or validate FirstName based on my name validation rules?

May I Know how I works ??
help me??

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