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integer(4) is not valid in some database systems #336

c33s opened this Issue Apr 10, 2012 · 2 comments

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c33s commented Apr 10, 2012

for postgres it is not valid to use integer(x)
postgres maps all integers to a own name.

propel converts

<column name="id" phpName="Id" type="INTEGER" size="4" ...

to a

... integer(4) ....

which fails with postgres.

as far as i reserched it is also invalid for ansi sql.

would be good if it would be converted to a regular integer for postgres (or maybe for all databases, as far as i know mysql is fine with smallint, integer and bigint is it?.

Propel member

If it's true, then you just have to add a new rule to this class: using the PropelTypes::INTEGER constant.

@themouette do you use INTEGER types in your schema?

Propel member

@themouette again..

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