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meglio commented Aug 18, 2011

Currently some popular IDEs (like PHPSTORM from IntelliJ) still have problem with understanding relative namespace notation from PHPDOC. Example:


namespace core\orm\om;

abstract class BaseRunnerQuery extends ModelCriteria
* ...
* @return    RunnerQuery
public static function create($modelAlias = null, $criteria = null)
{ ... }

Now in another file:

use \core\orm\RunnerQuery;

... in place of cursor, eg |, it does not hint members of query object - because it simply does not recognize relative namespace notation from PHPDOC. The simple solution would be to have an option for build configuration to allow notation of full namespace for each class in PHPDOC. I have not found such option in documentation by this url: http://www.propelorm.org/wiki/Documentation/1.6/BuildConfiguration


You're right, we will have to add something like that.

meglio commented Aug 18, 2011

I need this immediately because I'm writing tons of code right now these days. So if you link me to right files that must be edited I can do prepare things, implement and test and do pull request. Let me know if I can help.

meglio commented Aug 18, 2011

I just looked in the code and it looks like there are many many places to fix.... am I right and there is no one place to fix this?


Yes there are many places... Look at the builder classes, each time you see something like $classname you should try to change it by using the full qualified classname..

meglio commented Aug 20, 2011

Just to let you know - I got no time and I have not done an update to the code as I wanted. For now I'm fixing the issue just by adding special phpdoc inline comment to the places in my code where I use Propel.


Scheduled for Propel2.

@willdurand willdurand closed this Oct 21, 2011
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