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Issue with propel:build fails with phing 2.4.13 #500

tonivdv opened this Issue · 4 comments

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There is an issue with the propel:build command since phing released 2.4.13. This has already been reported on the symfony2 mailing list (!topic/symfony2/ZZ-Cic57eLI). Here is a copy of the post:

Jeffrey Wong Post reply

Oct 27

Earlier this week we started having issues with propel:build-model not generating files. The only clue was that it only happened for new devs who had just setup the project on their machine, and then it started happening after updating vendors. I just spent an hour or so trying to figure out why what was previously working was now broken. Hopefully this will save someone else the pain.

There's an issue in phing that causes the task to appear successful, but actually fail. In verbose mode, you can see that there's a phing error. Switching to phing's tagged version 2.4.12 seems to fix the problem.

Here's the error output if anyone cares to figure out what specifically is broken.

propel-project-builder > om:

Task property (phing.tasks.system.PropertyTask) already registerd, skipping
[phing] Calling Buildfile '/Users/jwong/projects/myproject/Symfony/vendor/propel/generator/build-propel.xml' with target 'om'
parsing buildfile build-propel.xml
Overriding previous definition of property
Project base dir set to: /Users/jwong/projects/myproject/Symfony/vendor/propel/generator
Property ${} =>
Property ${propel.home} => .
[available] Unable to find /Users/jwong/projects/myproject/Symfony/vendor/propel/generator/ to set property globalBuildPopertiesExists
[phing] Error reading project file [wrapped: /Users/jwong/projects/myproject/Symfony/vendor/propel/generator/build-propel.xml:21:20: Error initializing nested element [wrapped: isset (unknown) doesn't support the 'property' attribute.]]


Total time: 0.1098 seconds

Maybe in the mean time propel should only support 2.4.12 ?


Temporary work around is to specify the phing version 2.4.12 in you're own composer.json.

"phing/phing": "2.4.12",
@willdurand willdurand closed this issue from a commit
@jaugustin jaugustin fix #500 update composer.json force phing 2.4.12
Fix composer to use phing 2.4.12
this fix #500

Switching to phing 2.4.12 broke generated SQL in my PostgeSQL-based app. All fields are quoted with ". It ends up with errors like this: Undefined column: 7 ERROR: column "ID" does not exist. But my real problem is that when I switch to phing 2.4.13 using my local composer.json file - model is not rebuild… (0 SQL file has been generated) :[


@zergu I think your problem didn't come from the phing version change but from another propel change.

And I think your issue with phing 2.4.13 is the same as the one reported by this ticket.


@jaugustin Thanks for the tip. I've checked last commits and there were some about identifier quoting. Disabling it with build property "propel.disableIdentifierQuoting: true" helped.

@havvg havvg referenced this issue from a commit in Ormigo/Propel
@havvg havvg Merge branch 'master' into ormigo
* master: (34 commits)
  add test to verify changing version comment
  reset version comment upon saving
  Add test to prove #516
  Fix missing use statement. Closes #515
  Fix strict standards error in Archivable & Concrete Inheritance
  Add test to ensure we can add a conditions between to columns
  Add test to prove #466
  Removed unneeded else-blocks to simplify the code.
  Fix absolute path test for Windows
  Remove closure to ensure BC
  fix CS
  Fix case sensitivity
  Better output in tests
  Fix missing PropelException use declaration.
  Fix findOneOrCreate with single inheritance and namespace
  sortable behavior: tests for FK scope column
  sortable behavior: fixed rank shifting on delete when there are no related objects
  fix #500 update composer.json force phing 2.4.12
  Fix a few typos

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