useQuery complains that can't find model query class #598

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replaced line in ModelCriteria::useQuery()
$className = $this->joins[$relationName]->getTableMap()->getPhpName();
$className = $this->joins[$relationName]->getTableMap()->getClassName();
and now it's fine.

Not sure if it's right solution but worked for me.

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Could you provide a failing testcase?


not sure have that much time.
will try to describe as much as possible
have two tables called client(person alias) and person(personperson alias)
tried to join person to client using aliases
$clientQuery->join('PersonPerson')->useQuery('PersonPerson')-> ...
what I saw it translates alias properly but when tries to autoload class uses PhpName which does not contain namespace as I saw in map class

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maybe you could post the schema of the related tables..?



<table name="client">
        <column name="id" sqlType="INT(10) UNSIGNED" primaryKey="true" autoIncrement="true" required="true" />
        <column name="status" sqlType="INT(10) UNSIGNED" required="true" defaultValue="2" />

<table name="person">
        <column name="client_id" sqlType="INT(10) UNSIGNED" required="true" primaryKey="true" />
        <foreign-key foreignTable="client" onDelete="CASCADE">
            <reference local="client_id" foreign="id" />

Github hides xml so removed <'s

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And your query which doesn work..

$this->getQuery(array('PersonPerson')) // returns client query, pre-joined with person and aliased
                                ->where('PersonAccessRight.SystemName = ?', $accessRightName)
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@aramkarapetian, you can surround your xml by

<code belong here />

to make it visible. I just edited your post.

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The error is probably in runtime/lib/query/PropelQuery.php +23. Since ModelCriteria::getClassAndAlias returns only the phpName it doen't generate the full php class name.

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