Using postSave method and DebugPDO in development #814

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I want to use the postSave method in my subclass however the method is declared in abstract class BaseObject using type hint PropelPDO, I am currently using DebugPDO in development so cannot use the method since it will error as it will receive an object of the wrong type.

"Argument 1 passed to Db\MyClass::postSave() must be an instance of Db\PropelPDO, instance of DebugPDO given"

Since PropelPDO is a subclass of PDO type hint would need to be PDO for this to work with DebugPDO not PropelPDO. Is there a work around for this, update or something I don't know about


@intheria you have a mistake with your function type hint DebugPDO extends PropelPDO so you should not get error. Maybe you use namespace and you forget the leading backslash.

public function postSave(\PropelPDO $con = null)

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