MssqlPlatform needs own getDropIndexDDL because of different syntax #99

justanerd opened this Issue Sep 21, 2011 · 4 comments

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if propel tries to drop a index on a mssql database it doesn't work because the generated syntax is incorrect.
Mssql needs a table name before the index name.
Here is my version of getDropIndexDDL in MssqPlatform:

     * Builds the DDL SQL to drop an Index.
     * @param      Index $index
     * @return     string
    public function getDropIndexDDL(Index $index)
        $pattern = "
        return sprintf($pattern,$this->quoteIdentifier($index->getTable()->getName()), 
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Could you please write the patch, the unit test, and make a PR?

Propel member

ping @justanerd ?

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@justanerd any news?

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Or @CraftyShadow

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