combine replaces previous conditions added by filterby #450

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Could you write a unit test to prove both your fix and the bug?

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ping @hholzer



we sadly don't have any experience with unit tests yet, so it's probably for the best if we simply explain the problem a bit more, so that you can reproduce it by yourself

we have a pretty complex application with a behavior wo filters rows automatically by user credentials

our behavior adds the filter by credential method wich does something like this and it's called in preSelectQuery

$this->condition('user_type', ...);
$this->condition('credential', ...);
$this->condition('user_type2', ...);
$this->combine(array('user_type', 'credential'), 'and', 'user_type_credential');
$this->combine(array('user_type_credential', 'user_type2'), 'or');

now we have the use case that we want to filter the list a bit more wich works for filterByUsername fine ... but not for ->filterByUserType because it would be overridden by the combine.

if we would use first the combine and the filterByXXX after it would work because filterByXXX seems to use Criteria::addAnd while combine uses Criteria::add

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i can confirm the issue and i wrote a unit test wich should prove that a filterByXXX before a combine gets overriden instead of added while a filterByXXX after a combine gets correclty added.

The unit test should fail without the first commit of @hholzer and work afterwards

kind regards

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Great, thank you!

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Port PR #450 from Propel 1.6 #311

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