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Fix for one-to-one related object have unnecessary queries during hydration #483

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This is to resolve #476


Heya @brunnels, thank you for this patch. It looks good but could you add some unit tests before I merge this PR?


@willdurand, What should we test? That an additional query doesn't happen during hydration of an object with a one-to-one relationship? I'm not sure how to test this. Is there a way in the tests to count how many queries are run during a single query->find()? I ran the ModelWithTest.php tests and it still passes.

@willdurand willdurand merged commit e9ef7b1 into propelorm:master
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Showing with 4 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +4 −3 generator/lib/builder/om/PHP5ObjectBuilder.php
7 generator/lib/builder/om/PHP5ObjectBuilder.php
@@ -3250,13 +3250,14 @@ protected function addFKAccessor(&$script, ForeignKey $fk)
* Get the associated $className object
* @param PropelPDO \$con Optional Connection object.
+ * @param \$doQuery Executes a query to get the object if required
* @return $className The associated $className object.
* @throws PropelException
- public function get".$this->getFKPhpNameAffix($fk, $plural = false)."(PropelPDO \$con = null)
+ public function get".$this->getFKPhpNameAffix($fk, $plural = false)."(PropelPDO \$con = null, \$doQuery = true)
$script .= "
- if (\$this->$varName === null && ($conditional)) {";
+ if (\$this->$varName === null && ($conditional) && \$doQuery) {";
if ($useRetrieveByPk) {
$script .= "
\$this->$varName = ".$fkQueryBuilder->getClassname()."::create()->findPk($localColumns, \$con);";
@@ -3952,7 +3953,7 @@ public function set".$this->getRefFKPhpNameAffix($refFK, $plural = false)."($cla
\$this->$varName = \$v;
// Make sure that that the passed-in $className isn't already associated with this object
- if (\$v !== null && \$v->get".$this->getFKPhpNameAffix($refFK, $plural = false)."() === null) {
+ if (\$v !== null && \$v->get".$this->getFKPhpNameAffix($refFK, $plural = false)."(null, false) === null) {
\$v->set".$this->getFKPhpNameAffix($refFK, $plural = false)."(\$this);
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