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Fix a few typos #499

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Bert-Jan de Lange William Durand
Bert-Jan de Lange

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Bert-Jan de Lange Fix a few typos 22b7ef5
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Commits on Nov 9, 2012
  1. Fix a few typos

    Bert-Jan de Lange authored
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2  test/testsuite/generator/behavior/nestedset/NestedSetBehaviorPeerBuilderModifierWithScopeTest.php
@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ public function testShiftLevel()
't6' => array(8, 9, 4),
't7' => array(10, 11, 4),
- $this->assertEquals($this->dumpTreeWithScope(1), $expected, 'shiftLevel can shift level whith a scope');
+ $this->assertEquals($this->dumpTreeWithScope(1), $expected, 'shiftLevel can shift level with a scope');
$expected = array(
't8' => array(1, 6, 0),
't9' => array(2, 3, 1),
2  test/testsuite/runtime/map/ColumnMapTest.php
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ public function testGetRelation()
$this->assertEquals($publisherColumn->getRelation(), $bookTable->getRelation('Publisher'), 'getRelation() returns the RelationMap object for this foreign key');
$bookstoreTable = BookstoreEmployeePeer::getTableMap();
$supervisorColumn = $bookstoreTable->getColumn('SUPERVISOR_ID');
- $this->assertEquals($supervisorColumn->getRelation(), $supervisorColumn->getRelation('Supervisor'), 'getRelation() returns the RelationMap object even whit ha specific refPhpName');
+ $this->assertEquals($supervisorColumn->getRelation(), $supervisorColumn->getRelation('Supervisor'), 'getRelation() returns the RelationMap object even without specific refPhpName');
2  test/testsuite/runtime/util/BasePeerTest.php
@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ public function testDoDeleteSeveralConditions()
$c->add(BookPeer::ID, 12);
BasePeer::doDelete($c, $con);
$expectedSQL = "DELETE FROM `book` WHERE book.TITLE='War And Peace' AND book.ID=12";
- $this->assertEquals($expectedSQL, $con->getLastExecutedQuery(), 'doDelete() combines conditions in WHERE whith an AND');
+ $this->assertEquals($expectedSQL, $con->getLastExecutedQuery(), 'doDelete() combines conditions in WHERE with an AND');
public function testDoDeleteTableAlias()
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