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woodspire commented Nov 29, 2012

to be used with symfony/symfony#6150

isNumeric() does not do what we want, because 2.34 contains a dot and it won't pass the FormConfigBuilder::isValidName function in ChoiceList::addChoice()

woodspire referenced this pull request in symfony/symfony Nov 29, 2012


Fix ModelChoiceList problem with string key #6150

Felix Labrecque and others added some commits Nov 29, 2012

Felix Labrecque When a foreign key is part of the primary key, setting it to null
will break the deletion code in the doSave() function on the base OM.

In doSave(), the ::create()->filterByPrimaryKeys($obj->getPrimaryKeys(false))->delete($con)

will not work, because one of the primary key field will be null.

I do not see any harm in removing this code. Tried it and did not see any problems.

Obviously, I have a composite primary key and part of this primary key is a foreign key from another table.
@woodspire Felix Labrecque Should not have been committed a859d9c
@woodspire woodspire Merge branch 'master' of 74c6897

woodspire commented Dec 3, 2012

I tried to remove the 3e7a914 commit, but I am not sure I correctly did it.

Only the commit 5869220 is valid for this pull request.


willdurand commented Dec 3, 2012

Ok; Maybe close this PR, create a fresh branch and PR it. :)

woodspire closed this Dec 4, 2012

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