fixes #523: NestedSet + useScope + autoIncrement #524

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Check if the scope value is NULL on auto incremented scopes before check if root already exists

Marc Bennewitz fixes #523: NestedSet + useScope + autoIncrement
Check if the scope value is NULL on auto increment scope before check if root already exists

Thanks for this patch, could you please add a unit test to prove the bug?


@willdurand Sorry, I can't simply write a testcase because it's not trivial:

  • Don't know how to start the testsuite (failes on so many cases)
  • Don't know how the testsuite is organized
  • Don't know where to configure database connection (I require to set a different host, db, pwd for mysql)
  • Don't know how to run with pdo_mysql only installed
  • How to run only one test instead of the hole suite
  • Can't find a nestedset behavior on any of the schemas of the testsuite
  • ...

So I'm @ work an there are many limitations on the environment. It would be very great if you could help writing a test for this issue.


ok, could you just provide some code that proves the bug? For example, your schema and what you tried to achieve in your app?


ping @marc-mabe


@willdurand Sorry for the late response. As described in #523 I have a tree of keywords with different root levels - use_scope and the scope_column is marked autoIncrement.

Now I would like to import a tree with the following function:

function importKeywords(array $keywords, KeywordTree $parent = null) {
    foreach ($keywords as $keyword => $childs) {
        $obj = new KeywordTree();
        if ($parent) {
        } else {
        importKeywords($childs, $obj);

But it doesn't work before the PR and shows A root node already exists in this tree with scope ""

marcj commented Feb 24, 2013

hey @marc-mabe, we've improved our documentation that explains how to write tests and how to use and setup the phpunit environment.
Please take a look here:

If you're willing to add a unit test, then I'd like to say we wait for your feedback or we close this PR and I'll create a new PR with your commit merged and additionally a unit test. What do you think?


@marcj It would be better if you create a new PR for that - if haven't time to work on it right now

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