1.7.1 (2014-02-25)

@willdurand willdurand released this Feb 25, 2014 · 20 commits to master since this release

Propel 1.7.1 is released!

The release is available on GitHub under the 1.7.1 tag, as archives (ZIP and TAR), and also available through Composer: propel/propel1:

    "propel/propel1": "1.7.1"

As usual, the API documentation is available here: http://api.propelorm.org/ (quick access to the 1.7.1 API documentation).

Thanks to all contributors!

Here is the detailed CHANGELOG:

  • Fix CS
  • Fix bug with boolean value because no return FALSE value
  • Changed fucntion to function
  • Add yield keyword in getPhpReservedWords
  • First try to load platform from the user provided build properties try to fix #815 With test
  • Added hhvm to travis
  • Providing tests for proposal #804
  • Setters should provide fluent interface
  • Removed nested dirname :)
  • Fixes Issue #724
  • Adapted this fix to new specifications
  • Fixed type-hinting in addDefaultMutator and added tests for it
  • Update links to the 1.x documentation
  • Allow gh-pages to be tested
  • Use datasource connection(buildtime-conf.xml) instead of globals (build.properties) while performing datadump task


@willdurand willdurand released this Oct 21, 2013 · 46 commits to master since this release

Propel 1.7.0 is released! This is the first minor release of the 1.7 version.

The release is available on GitHub under the 1.7.0 tag, as archives (ZIP and TAR), and also available through Composer: propel/propel1:

    "propel/propel1": "1.7.0"

As usual, the API documentation is available here: http://api.propelorm.org/ (quick access to the 1.7.0 API documentation). Note that the API documentation website has been updated and is now powered by Sami.

Thanks to all contributors!

Here is the detailed CHANGELOG:

  • reworked approach for better handling of executed queries in DebugPDO
  • fix DebugPDOStatement for usage with execute
  • Added unit test for modified table case
  • Added type-hinting on doAdd crossFK generated functions
  • fixed a getter function without '$con'
  • Fixed diff task combined with skipSql
  • [README] Add packagist badge to show project popularity
  • Fix namespace support
  • Get TableMap class name from Peer class
  • Added test for version column case insensitivity
  • Added case-insensitive check for the version column
  • Fix small error in the QueryBuilder Doc for TemporalType
  • Update SluggableBehavior.php
  • unit test
  • slugable behavior - scope column overrides $getter
  • Support for regexp on different platforms
  • [VersionableBehavior] Fix exception message got toVersion
  • fix bug when adding previously removed relations
  • add missing import for nested set
  • test added
  • fix for CASE expression in query with offset in ms sql
  • code style fix
  • PropelObjectCollection::getIdenticalObject optimalization
  • Fix accidental type conversion in sluggable behavior.
  • added Unit Test
  • Fixed issue with migrations and decimal or numeric table size
  • fix scheduledForDeletion for CrossFK w/ refPhpName
  • Undefined index fix
  • Fixed MigrationManager to use queries and charset settings
  • Fixed object builder toArray withColumn
  • Fixed test assertion
  • Minor spelling corrections
  • Failing testcase in toArray withColumn
  • Fixed Sluggable behavior combining with symfony_i18n
  • Bugfix for PHP < 5.3.0
  • Foreign Keys default behaviors managment (resolves issue #390)
  • Fix some issues. Closes #684
  • Fix a couple of mistakes
  • Expected and actual values where in wrong order
  • Improved SQLParser performance
  • Tests for multiple character delimiters support
  • Added multiple character delimiters support
  • clone object in hashCode() function so the original object is not changed when calling hashCode provided test for the hasCode() function
  • Issue #677: Set back reference when calling add Provided tests for testing if all references are set for crossreferences before saving
  • fixed transaction leak when exception different from PropelException is thrown
  • fix deleting related objects
  • Added multiple scope support in Sortable behavior.
  • Fixed #651. Stupid typo.
  • clean
  • add an excluded_parent_behavior to concret_inheritance behavior
  • only generate findOneBySlug if required
  • Add test for ModelCriteria to prove it support IN operator in JOIN conditions
  • Additional assertion to ensure binding params doesn't change actual result
  • Use Criterion always when possible Using Criterion allows to bind values in statements. You can't use Criterion only for strings because in this method you can't distinguish if it is a table name or value provided by user.
  • Add to Criteria support for IN and NOT IN operators in JOIN conditions e.g. JOIN x ON (x.id = y.x_id AND y.foo IN (42, 51))
  • removed duplicated assertion, refs #653
  • fixed urls to trac tickets propel.phpdb.org/trac/ticket -> trac.propelorm.org/ticket
  • fix generated CS of SoftDelete in forceDelete()
  • make ModelCriteria::create() changes more backward compatible
  • reduced ModelCriteria::clear() tests
  • fix timing issues in TimestampableBehaviorTest
  • add lcfirst function stub
  • full list of changes below:
  • fix some introspections, coding style
  • add one-to-one handling to VersionableBehavior
  • Update .travis.yml
  • Revert bad CS fix (alternative CS behavior)
  • Fixes JOIN duplication issue when default join type equals given join type (issue #373)
  • Bugfix for join equality when default join type is used
  • Make testQuotingIdentifiers() abstract and allow each DB<Adapter>Test to implement it
  • Remove unnecessary .''
  • Remove not valid anymore comment
  • Support for quoting aliases
  • add tests for issue #621
  • Update generator/lib/reverse/mysql/MysqlSchemaParser.php
  • Don't null size field when scale specified
  • Fixed typos
  • add test for issue #622
  • Correctly add map namespace when $phpName has no backslash (e.g. namespaces are not used) - fixes #614
  • allow withColumn() and select() again. fixes #608.
  • added failing testcase for issue #608
  • expect PropelException when cloning PropelOnDemandCollection's
  • separate tests for __clone() using objects and scalars
  • fixed __clone() for PropelCollections containing scalar values
  • added tests for PropelCollection new __clone() magic method
  • removed unused properties from OnDemandCollection which were never set.
  • fixed test
  • order by alias is not supported in mssql. fixes #596 by @chuck-jove
  • added test provided for issue 596
  • Fixed #603
  • Removed the extend <BasePeer> in PHP5PeerBuilder since it's a bug.