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There are several ways to get help when you are having problems with Propel.

Mailing Lists

In order to ask for support or help other users, use the Propel Users mailing-list:

If you want to help with the development of Propel, or if you want to be informed of the upcoming features, subscribe to the Propel Development mailing-list:

These lists were created in May 2009. A previous set mailing-lists were hosted by, you can still consult the archives:


The #propel channel on is an informal meeting place for discussing new ideas, asking support questions, or just airing general frustrations with the PHP5 engine :)

Bug Reports

Since 2011, the Propel project is hosted and managed on GitHub.

You can look at the Propel organization and to report bugs or to ask for new features to the Propel ticketing system.

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