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Propel2 is an open-source Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) for PHP 5.3.

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Propel2 uses the following Symfony2 Components:

Propel2 also relies on Composer to manage dependencies but you also can use ClassLoader (see the autoload.php.dist file for instance).

Propel2 is only supported on PHP 5.3.3 and up.


Read the Propel documentation.


Everybody can contribute to Propel2. Just fork it, and send Pull Requests. You have to follow Propel2 Coding Standards and provides unit tests as much as possible.

Note: you can fix checkstyle before to submit a Pull Request by using the Symfony2 check_cs script. You just need to install Finder and the script:

git clone git:// vendor/Symfony/Component/Finder


Then use it:

php check_cs fix

Unit Tests

To run unit tests, you'll have to install vendors by using Composer. If you don't have an available composer.phar command, just download it:


Then, install dependencies:

php composer.phar install


The Propel test suite requires a database (test for instance, but feel free to choose the name you want), and three database schemas: bookstore_schemas, contest, and second_hand_books.

Here is the set of commands to run in order to setup MySQL:

mysql -uroot -e 'create database test'
mysql -uroot -e 'create schema bookstore_schemas'
mysql -uroot -e 'create schema contest'
mysql -uroot -e 'create schema second_hand_books'

Once done, build fixtures (default vendor is mysql):

bin/propel test:prepare


Create mandatory databases, then run:

bin/propel test:prepare --vendor=postgres --dsn="dbname=test" --user="postgres"


There is nothing to setup, just run:

bin/propel test:prepare --vendor=sqlite --dsn="sqlite:/tmp/database.sqlite" --user="" --password=""

Now you can run the test suite by running:



See the LICENSE file.

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