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@@ -49,17 +49,15 @@ Then, install dependencies:
php composer.phar install
-Create the mysql databases to insert fixtures
+The Propel test suite requires a database (`test` for instance, but feel free to choose the name you want), and
+three database schemas: `bookstore_schemas`, `contest`, and `second_hand_books`.
- mysqladmin -uroot create test
- mysqladmin -uroot create reverse_bookstore
- mysqladmin -uroot create bookstore_schemas
- mysqladmin -uroot create contest
- mysqladmin -uroot create second_hand_books
+Here is the set of commands to run in order to setup MySQL:
-If phing is not in your path add:
- export PHING_COMMAND=/YourPath/Propel2/vendor/phing/bin/phing
+ mysql -uroot -e 'create database test'
+ mysql -uroot -e 'create schema bookstore_schemas'
+ mysql -uroot -e 'create schema contest'
+ mysql -uroot -e 'create schema second_hand_books'
Once done, build fixtures:
@@ -68,8 +66,6 @@ Once done, build fixtures:
Now you can run the test suite by running:
-You'll need to create a database named `test`, and four schemas: `reverse_bookstore`, `bookstore_schemas`, `contest` and `second_hand_books`. Note, MySQL doesn't differentiate databases and schemas.
## License ##

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