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@@ -131,4 +131,14 @@ After:
## `Propel\Generator\Model\XmlElement` class has been renamed to `Propel\Generator\Model\MappingModel`.
-## `Propel\Generator\Model\XmlElement::loadFromXml` method has been renamed to `Propel\Generator\Model\MappingModel::loadMapping`.
+## `Propel\Generator\Model\XmlElement::loadFromXml` method has been renamed to `Propel\Generator\Model\MappingModel::loadMapping`.
+## `Propel\Runtime\Om\BaseObject` class has been removed.
+All base object methods have been merged in generated Base Object classes.
+This could break, behaviors that call `parent` methods
+## `Propel\Runtime\Om\Persistent` Interface replaced by `Propel\Runtime\Om\ActiveRecordInterface`
+All methods from `Propel\Runtime\Om\Persistent` Interface have been removed
+All Base Object classes now implements `Propel\Runtime\Om\ActiveRecordInterface` this could be use to identify a Propel Object

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