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## Contribute
Everybody can contribute to Propel2. Just fork it, and send Pull Requests.
-You have to follow [Propel2 Coding Standards]( and provides unit tests as much as possible. Also [check out the roadmap]( to get an overview of what we are working on!
+You have to follow [Propel2 Coding Standards]( and provides unit
+tests as much as possible. Also [check out the roadmap]( to get an overview of what we are working on!
Please see our [contribution guideline]( Thank you!
+## Status of the project
+**Never ending alpha releases?**
+Propel v2 started as very big refactoring of the old Propel version 1, making it PSR1-2 compatible, introducing namespaces
+and refactoring a lot of internal stuff.
+However, the heart (and most complex code at the same time) of Propel 1 and 2 is the
+[Object classes builder](,
+together 8k unmaintainable lines of code. These 2 files (and with it the architecture) is the main problem why we can not
+release a stable version, because it never went stable and due to the lack of contributions (and mean, nobody is surprised
+when you look at the very complex structure of those 2 files) we are simply not able to release a version that indicates
+that you get somehow support for bugs and new features, which is our aspiration to do so once a official stable version is tagged.
+Because Propel2 took so much time (several years) and ActiveRecord (the way it was built in Propel1 and 2) is not modern
+anymore (only hardly testable, not so much enjoyable) along with other reasons, we decided to rewrite the very heart of Propel.
+The result is [Propel3 a data-mapper]( implementation with optional active-record traits.
+It is much cleaner now, is able to support also NoSQL databases and its data-mapper implementation allows you to write tests
+in a more enjoyable way. To sum up: A very modern approach that is also designed to work in a high-performance
+application-server environment like [PHP-PM](
+In our eyes it makes no sense to tag a Propel2 stable version, because there is simply too less manpower on this very complex
+project, we do not want to maintain an old obsolete architecture and want to invest our life time more in a modern approach
+of doing ORM in modern PHP.
+Our advice:
+1. Use Doctrine if you are looking for a long-term supported, full-featured (and difficult to learn) and stable ORM.
+2. Use easy to learn Eloquent for prototyping and smaller projects.
+3. Help us build Propel3, which aims someday to be both of the above.
## License
See the `LICENSE` file.

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