[RFC] Query Re-usability #267

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Today query is great but re-usability is limited, look at this example:


$query = AuthorQuery::create();


$query->useBookQuery()->filterByTitle('book of the year 20%')->endUse();

This will fail because propel join twice the same table with the same name. We could add 2 differents alias but this is a nonsense :


$query = AuthorQuery::create();


$query->useBookQuery('b2')->filterByTitle('book of the year 20%')->endUse();

the useQuery with no alias or the same alias shouldn't generate a secondary join.

this could henance re-usability and maintainability (for user code).



@jaugustin jaugustin was assigned Jul 25, 2012

@marcj I close this, because it seems to be fixed in both propel 1.7 and propel 2

@jaugustin jaugustin closed this May 2, 2014
marcj commented May 2, 2014

ok, cool!

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