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A bug in ReverseManager.php:204: $dsn is undefined #325

kadishmal opened this Issue · 3 comments

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ReverseManager.php:204 has the following:

    protected function getConnection()
        $buildConnection = $this->connection;

        // Set user + password to null if they are empty strings or missing
        $username = isset($buildConnection['user']) && $buildConnection['user'] ? $buildConnection['user'] : null;
        $password = isset($buildConnection['password']) && $buildConnection['password'] ? $buildConnection['password'] : null;

        $con = ConnectionFactory::create(array('dsn' => $dsn, 'user' => $username, 'password' => $password), AdapterFactory::create($buildConnection['adapter']));

        return $con;

$dsn on line 204 is undefined. It should be $buildConnection['dsn'].

Also line 202 sets null if a password is an empty string. This is wrong! Because If a password is set to an empty string on the database server like in CUBRID's demodb demo database, the above line sets it to null which fails the authentication.

Therefore, if necessary, only username should be set to null, but a password should remain as an empty string.


You're right, could you write a patch?


I've already patched for CUBRID testing. I can send a PR now, if you want.

@willdurand willdurand closed this in ff2055a
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