WIP: porting 865511af2dcb8a6c752779fa3902a5fae8c20e91 to Propel2. #154

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I started porting over the analogous pull request from the propel project (propelorm/Propel#267).

I need to port my test code up to 5.3 but I don't have it running on this box yet. I just wanted to do the PR now so that it wouldn't get forgotten about.


willdurand commented Mar 25, 2012

Heya, you will have to rebase your PR :)

Yeah I know - wip=work in progress. I was harder than expected since the directory structure was refactored

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On Mar 25, 2012, at 4:51 PM, William DURANDreply@reply.github.com wrote:

Heya, you will have to rebase your PR :)

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willdurand commented Mar 26, 2012

(oops sorry, I missed the wip tag)

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