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robin850 commented Nov 7, 2012


This is just a little pull request to improve a little bit the documentation before reorganize the reference guide for Propel2.

  • Use fenced code blocks
  • Fix typos and broken links into the reference guides
  • Update informative files

Have a nice day.


very nice @robin850!


👍 awesome work!


Hi everyone, the page build seems to be quite hard. I have send an email to @github staff in order to see where is the problem and if it's possible to use fenced code blocks on Github page (because it works nice on my local version). cc @havvg

havvg commented Nov 18, 2012

That's what I thought. I'm not sure, you actually can alter the given plugins on github:pages. That's where my question raised from in the first place :)

robin850 commented Jan 3, 2013

Hello world,

Finally, we can now use fenced code blocks on Github:pages, finally ! I think we don't need to revert some commits anymore.

I will update my PR quicly for other sections. Have a nice day!

havvg commented Jan 3, 2013

Nice, thanks for the heads up!


Wow! Wonderful!

Le 3 janv. 2013 à 17:29, Toni Uebernickel a écrit :

Nice, thanks for the heads up!

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.


Hello world!

I've just pushed two commits one for the "Builtime" guide and the other to remove plugins stuff I added in previous commit (since gh:pages supports fenced code blocks). I will continue next week!

Have a nice week everyone.


Good job @robin850 !


Thanks @willdurand! :) I've updated the contribution guide and the download file. I will continue the work today and the rest of the week. I'm sorry for the delay. Have a nice day everyone.




I'm working on this and hope to push commits soon! 😄


Hello there,

I'm coming back to update the documentation. I've jut got a little question. I've seen that 3071b95 remove the validations guide. Therefore the guides numbers after the 4th aren't good anymore. Should we rename them since it can make blames harder or let it as is?

Also, how should we backport commits from propelorm/ Does I have to try to keep credits for commits author or just apply a patch?

Thanks, have a nice day!

staabm commented May 18, 2013

Regarding backports: i think we should get this general PR landed and port open changes with separate PRs.

Author information of the origin propel1 PR is not that important in my opinion, because most things cannot be ported 1:1 and therefore the "backporter" also deserves a credit.


So now, question is: how do we manage the Propel2 documentation? I am thinking about a gh-pages branch in this repo, pointing to or WDYT @propelorm?

staabm commented May 29, 2013


havvg commented May 29, 2013

+1 on

robin850 commented Jun 5, 2013

I pushed few commits this week-end but this is not enough ; I apologize for the delay one more time. I will work on the documentation this week-end and will finish it as quickly as possible!

Have a nice day everyone!

robin850 commented Jun 8, 2013

@willdurand : Could you please merge this? I will follow the work in a separate pull request to make merge conflicts as avoidable as possible. I've rebased all commits in order to keep a clean history. Let me know if the organization of them should be improved.


@robin850 this is not mergeable according to github

robin850 added some commits Jun 9, 2013
@robin850 robin850 Use fenced code blocks instead of highlight tags
Rely on Markdown's fenced code blocks instead of Jekyll Liquid tag
@robin850 robin850 Update informative files
Update files for contributors and/or readers such as the index file
and the contribution file
@robin850 robin850 Update the configuration for fenced code blocks
The fenced code block syntax is provided by Redcarpet so the Jekyll's
configuration should be updated to make them work and also ensure the
site looks the same at some levels (e.g.: tables)
@robin850 robin850 Fix various typos and deprecated code in guides
Update the typos in most guides and also update or remove some
deprecated code.
robin850 commented Jun 9, 2013

@willdurand : Sorry, effectively there was a lot of merge conflicts! It should be good now.

@willdurand willdurand merged commit 8d77982 into propelorm:master Jun 9, 2013

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