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@marcj marcj released this · 69 commits to master since this release

More fixes and tests to stabilize Propel2.

Added new configuration system and made PropelBundle (branch 2.0) workable with this version.

8666ef4 - Fixed typo in ConcreteInheritance behavior. <Marc J. Schmidt>
1541297 - Don't require $DB_PW <Matthew Leffler>
775cd68 - Actually take $DB_PW from the command line <Matthew Leffler>
74d6d61 - Fixed #812 - Added `copy_data_to_child` parameter to ConcreteInheritance behavior. <Marc J. Schmidt>
74e87ac - Removed defaultValue for `platformClass` in tree definition. Detect platform and reverseParser classes now in GeneratorConfig. <Marc J. Schmidt>
9f453d2 - Added `overwrite` option to SqlBuildCommand. <Marc J. Schmidt>
f8f6f11 - Configuration refinements <Cristiano Cinotti>
6d221b6 - Default connection is no more required <Cristiano Cinotti>
3b95b3a - Fix issue 806 <Cristiano Cinotti>
3a0cbcb - Added note about the roadmap <Marc Scholten>
82823c9 - Updated link of propel installation guide to really link to the installation guide <Marc Scholten>
edfd3a5 - Split '--input-dir' option in two more self-explained ones <Cristiano Cinotti>
066a6d7 - Update .gitignore <Cristiano Cinotti>
17e0788 - fix 763 renamed command sql to build-sql to avoid ambiguous <nymo>
4857392 - Misconfigured connections throw exception <Cristiano Cinotti>
95aebd3 - - Adding keyType parameter to importFrom, so user can select what TableMap to use (and not only TableMap::TYPE_PHPNAME) <Xavier Martin>
7743b74 - Removed never read var <Markus Staab>
2302f06 - Optimized method name. ref #745 <Marc J. Schmidt>
6c9848e - Fixed #745 - Added correct method for ObjectCollection getter with intuitive filter for cross relation methods having additional primary keys. <Marc J. Schmidt>
0425d58 - Fix issue 766 <Cristiano Cinotti>
115c20e - Fixed #708 - handle the disable-namespace-auto-package option for model:build command correctly. <Marc J. Schmidt>
c07844c - Closed #696 - PostgreSQL/SQLite platform does not generate useless migration diffs for numeric size/scale columns anymore. <Marc J. Schmidt>
7d0b603 - Fixed #748 - reverse command sets now as database-name the given connection name if database-name is not defined and connection is not a dsn. <Marc J. Schmidt>
cb09e05 - Fixed #656 - Pluralisation a CrossFk name now generates the correct name. <Marc J. Schmidt>
17560d0 - Raise php version to 5.4.9 due to a bug in PDO's ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES. <Marc J. Schmidt>
3fe02f1 - Fixed #625 - display now full exception trace when `reverse` command failed. Use `oci:` in OracleAdapter. Allow `reverse` command to specify a connection name instead of the full dsn. <Marc J. Schmidt>
a9739e4 - Allow to specify now platform shortcuts like mysql/Mysql instead of providing the full MysqlPlatform as cli --platform option. <Marc J. Schmidt>
f04f87c - Forks should not generate the expensive coverage report in our ci build. <Marc J. Schmidt>
2737e20 - Removed last refs <Marc J. Schmidt>
fc8ee60 - Activated phpunit coverage only in ci environment. <Marc J. Schmidt>
08ad3ff - Fixed gitter link. <Marc J. Schmidt>
66bc460 - Fixed gitter link. <Marc J. Schmidt>
21707cb - changed badget style of circle <Marc J. Schmidt>
b18627b - Added new gitter badge and circle hook for it. (corrected) <Marc J. Schmidt>
58192fa - Added new gitter badge and circle hook for it. <Marc J. Schmidt>
fa2595d - Let Pgsql determine real schema names <Developer rantl>
393e5ac - added new status badges <Marc J. Schmidt>
f2d5610 - Added circle-ci <Marc J. Schmidt>
62859fd - Fixed wrong mapping in reversed schema for mediumblob/longblob/object. <Marc J. Schmidt>
68aeb69 - Added quoting identifier in runtime. Removed uppercased field names. <Marc J. Schmidt>
c658c22 - Fix usage of incorrect '@expectedMessage' annotation in tests <Kévin Gomez>
9c0a280 - Forbid dots in connection names <Kévin Gomez>
0694af1 - Fix issue 694 <Cristiano Cinotti>
6db40dd - Fixed psr2 violation: There must be one blank line after the last use statement; two found <Marc Scholten>
62fe9ab - Fixed missing return statement in SqlitePlatform::getAddColumnsDDL. Fixes #644. <Marc J. Schmidt>
bfc9781 - ReadOnly tables have now protected setter methods. Fixes #629. <Marc J. Schmidt>
5449b2c - Don't quote all mysql table options per default. Fixes #627. <Marc J. Schmidt>
da58276 - Enabled packageObjectModel per default as stated in the documentation. <Marc J. Schmidt>
a43048e - Fixed wrong class name declaration in object builder. <Marc J. Schmidt>
ecdb5d5 - Added propel init command <Marc Scholten>
27c01b8 - Split the configuration definition <Kévin Gomez>
1c8a373 - Created i18n_pk_column parameter which allow to set custom primary key column on i18n table <Miroslav Oujesky>
2122ca2 - Added testcase for the fix <Miroslav Oujesky>
e6762a7 - fixed generator for locale_column parameter <Miroslav Oujesky>
7d2b16c - reverse command: change argument mode <bondarovich>
37bb256 - Fix link to the contribution guideline [ci skip] <Robin Dupret>
8afecde - Update OracleSchemaParser.php <Mihail>
e01f214 - more fetchAll tests <Elan Ruusamäe>
c2ed0a0 - PDO (and many other builtin functions) does not like extra parameters <Elan Ruusamäe>
8451946 - Fix #712 <Daniel Drozdovich>
b277a33 - Fix #709 <Daniel Drozdovich>
1652a90 - remove isRequired from connection classname config <Toni Uebernickel>
c74fa0c - Propel2-710 Propel compatibility with Symfony 2.5 components <nymo>
fcf8a2c - added migrationDir config option <Gregor Harlan>
ae1a39e - Fix issue #697 <Cristiano Cinotti>
5b08423 - Update QueryBuilder.php <sbarex>
9f0fcde - Update ObjectBuilder.php <sbarex>
ea17cf0 - Made runtime.connections, runtime.defaultConnection, generator.connections and generator.defaultConnection optional <Marc Scholten>
30b50f5 - Update database.dtd <sbarex>
fc684ab - Made config file optional <Marc Scholten>
c6afd5f - Update database.dtd <sbarex>
d4e2cb1 - Propel2-619 Propel Query limit(0) not working <nymo>
13f9d59 - update minimum requirements for symfony libraries <nymo>
2c7d044 - Fix issues #676, #668, #694 <Cristiano Cinotti>
617eb0d - 646: toArray() fails to recognise Primary Key as DateTime <nymo>
8f32889 - Fix Propel TreeBuilder <Cristiano Cinotti>
d50270e - Revert "Removed some unused code" <Marc J. Schmidt>
4e638eb - Fixed test suite and added vendor/bin/phpunit to phpunit boot scripts. <Marc J. Schmidt>
08e74a9 - Default value in the documentation of toXXX() <Julien Ferrier>
6f56e4e - Removed some unused code <Marc Scholten>
4c1b54c - Fixed generated docblock of ObjectBuilder for temporal accessors telling \DateTime is returned, but in reality it returns $dateTimeClass (as defined in the config) <Marc Scholten>
242fbb8 - Fixed php doc block in AbstractCommand <Marc Scholten>
2053f88 - toArray with includedForeignObjects should not prefix the arrays of foreignObjects <Marc Philip Scholten>
a475bf8 - Fixed #583 - Generation of diffs with default type sizes defined. <Marc J. Schmidt>
cf96b7c - Fix issue #668 <Cristiano Cinotti>
501cfb8 - Fixed XmlParser not recognising DateTime objects when dumping to XML <Marc Scholten>
1992d88 - Fix issue #669 <Cristiano Cinotti>
fb7aa33 - Fixed #633 - Added `hasConnectionManager` to serviceContainer. <Marc J. Schmidt>
b412f08 - Expand ColumnTest to include testcases for new singular form phpName feature <Bas van Schaik>
8bea183 - don't tell lies about the origin of the auto-generated value <Bas van Schaik>
23df832 - Introduce Column->getPhpSingularName() and use it where appropriate. The phpSingularName property of Column is initialised using the new 'phpSingularName' attribute for columns in the schema, or (if not specified in schema) generated based on the column's phpName. <Bas van Schaik>
0d14bad - Use Column->getSingularName() where applicable <Bas van Schaik>
f79428a - update schema XSD definition to allow for specifying a column's singular form <Bas van Schaik>
ad3eb32 - Configuration System Refactor - Step 3 <Cristiano Cinotti>
45fdfb0 - Only allow the id parameter for behaviors which accept it <Kévin Gomez>
11e299c - Allow the same behavior to be registered multiple times <Kévin Gomez>
0d7d507 - Configuration system refactor - step 2 <Cristiano Cinotti>
689fc51 - Configuration system refactor - step 1 <Cristiano Cinotti>
3f2fef9 - [migrations] add optional comment for migration <jaugustin>
c695d1d - [migrations] add parameters to skip excluded or removed table from migration <jaugustin>
250eced - Throw an exception when no connection has been defined for a database (fixes #620) <Kévin Gomez>
fd93a38 - allow custom collection in ObjectFormatter <Toni Uebernickel>
aa4a802 - Fix QuickBuilder classTargets initialization <Kévin Gomez>
de41270 - Improved test suite runtime drastically and remove travis jobs for hhvm+pgsql and hhvm+sqlite <Marc J. Schmidt>
b03cc6a - Fixed test suite for current master <Marc J. Schmidt>
5693c14 - Added test for Table::testIsIndex <Marc J. Schmidt>
10ac9e9 - Removed doInsert in Runtime\Map\TableMap <Marc J. Schmidt>
caccb96 - Removed ColumnValue and DataRow classes <Marc J. Schmidt>
f86ed34 - Removed DataSQLBuilder stuff as its not in use. <Marc J. Schmidt>
878aeca - Removed ObjectBuilder::addFKByKeyMutator because its nowhere used. <Marc J. Schmidt>
c6a66a9 - Added test for TableDiff::__toString <Marc J. Schmidt>
a54e9cb - Renamed --exclude-schema to --exclude-database in TestPrepareCommand <Marc J. Schmidt>
c341508 - When DB is agnostic we use MysqlPlatform to build the fixtures model classes. <Marc J. Schmidt>
5418a21 - Setup only for integration tests <Marc J. Schmidt>
2e076c4 - Separated database agnostics tests and integration tests. <Marc J. Schmidt>
f745366 - Fixed tests of migration commands. <Marc J. Schmidt>
7906db7 - Setup now the fixtures during the test suite to have more realistic code coverage values. <Marc J. Schmidt>
908a6be - Improved the description of some commands. <Marc J. Schmidt>
3d5635e - Added test for DatabaseReverseCommand <Marc J. Schmidt>
9d0f7af - Added tests for SimpleEnglishPluralizer <Marc J. Schmidt>
2bcb49a - Fixed GraphvizManager with displaying foreign key relations <Marc J. Schmidt>
7d10c79 - Added tests for migration commands <Marc J. Schmidt>
5c767c2 - Added tests for GraphvizGenerateCommand <Marc J. Schmidt>



@marcj marcj released this · 249 commits to master since this release

More fixes and tests to stabilize Propel2.

2475d76 - Fixed #597, fixed broken joinType comparison <stevleibelt>
830cd9b - Fixed #609 - remove setters when readOnly <Marc J. Schmidt>
ef1e4eb - Fixed #477, Fixed #607, Fixed #604, Fixed #610 <Marc J. Schmidt>
e3810e0 - Fixed 'object' column type to allow saving the same object. <Marc J. Schmidt>
dd599ce - Made Sluggable port #376 compatible with all databases <Marc J. Schmidt>
eeda660 - Fixed #568 - Fixed index schema migration functionality <Marc J. Schmidt>
db70868 - Fixed typo in XMLDumper. <Marc J. Schmidt>
e02b068 - Fixed #455 - added timestampable options `disable_updated_at` (back) and new `disable_created_at` <Marc J. Schmidt>
5be861d - Fixed #598 - changed internal sql type from text to binary for propel type OBJECT. <Marc J. Schmidt>
442115c - Update AbstractFormatter.php <sbarex>
cf4e28b - Ref #480 - Fixed attribute 'PROPEL_ATTR_CACHE_PREPARES' <Marc J. Schmidt>
9b7b79f - Fixed #513 - don't overwrite <Marc J. Schmidt>
20a5842 - added sql-dir option as working directory <Dmitry.Krokhin>
4901e3b - cs fixes applied <Marc J. Schmidt>
c174239 - Fixed #588 - Third parameter not allowed for PDO::FETCH_COLUMN <Marc J. Schmidt>
bfa4ac3 - Fixed #564 - build crashes when no primaryKey on autoIncrement column <Marc J. Schmidt>
290eca7 - Fixed #488 - i18n behaviour double prefix table names <Marc J. Schmidt>
4cc5092 - Fixed #529 - MysqlSchemaParser ForeignTable not found <Marc J. Schmidt>
f0d1929 - use IteratorAggregate for Collections, so nested iterations are possible <Gregor Harlan>
3a2467d - Fixed #500 - table prefix gets added to the class name <Marc J. Schmidt>
8fcf069 - Fixed #483 - nested set orderByLevel <Marc J. Schmidt>
ca6b77e - Fixed #475 - MySQL Migration bug with indices <Marc J. Schmidt>
e118ff3 - boolean columns like "has_foo" get a hasser method "hasFoo()" <Gregor Harlan>
670d2e0 - fixed generated docs <Gregor Harlan>
5189d16 - use transaction(), remove obsolete commit() <Gregor Harlan>
903470b - feat(MigrationManager): Rollback comment <jaugustin>
ccc2cc0 - fix(MigrationManager): rename method updateLatestMigrationTimestamp <jaugustin>
a1c9668 - Added parallel migrations <Marc Philip Scholten>
4de0374 - fixed declaration of methods on Profiler classes <Livio Ribeiro>
e9e8b3d - Fixed relation handling. Fixed #473, #518, #262. <Marc J. Schmidt>
732b543 - added missing return statement <Gregor Harlan>
d113820 - use transaction() <Gregor Harlan>
c8080b0 - added TransactionTrait, fixes nested transactions <Gregor Harlan>
fca101a - Made Propel HHVM compatible with MySQL. <Marc J. Schmidt>
1260fcd - transaction: always return the result of callable <Gregor Harlan>
58f869a - return type hint for endUse() <Gregor Harlan>
a71bd9d - Fix getting option value from configuration <Heikki Hellgren>
20fb976 - fix for missing base query classes <Gregor Harlan>
f10e3a0 - Readonly tables should not have an importFrom method (see issue #543) <Marc Philip Scholten>
02a9444 - use "@return $this" for fluent style methods <Gregor Harlan>
f23cc76 - Fixed diff generator when several identical tables or columns were renamed <javer>
c8d8126 - Added more verbose output to migration manager <Marc J. Schmidt>
12001d0 - fixed path to composer.lock <Gregor Harlan>
82e33b4 - fixed TimestampableBehaviorTest <Gregor Harlan>
0698152 - fixed docs, type hints and imports <Gregor Harlan>
7fa1660 - travis: use fast_finish option <Gregor Harlan>
40b381e - removed SqlConnectionInterface <Gregor Harlan>
72bf51b - added ConnectionInterface type hints <Gregor Harlan>
60096fc - Update UniqueValidator.php <dsoares>
5ce4e9c - Fixed MigrationManager::getMigrationDir call which should be MigrationManager::getWorkingDir instead <Marc Philip Scholten>
f873f6d - add "isser" methods for boolean columns <Gregor Harlan>
45c8be6 - optimized generated classes <Gregor Harlan>
6001853 - PropelColumnTypes class used by bindValue method <Dmitry Krokhin>
9151055 - Improvement to develop behaviors <gossi>
c55bac4 - php 5.6 support <Gabriel Machado>
cde157f - fixed enum param/return type <Gregor Harlan>
6636c6c - Fixed "Undefined variable" in migration:status <livioribeiro>
8b5fe57 - Install Behaviors with Composer <gossi>
b704f5f - Delete test.sq3 <Marc J. Schmidt>
8060e19 - Fixes #502 <gossi>
e3599b4 - add recursive option to command for search in sub-dir for schema.xml fix #519 <fzerorubigd>
e56bc76 - Fixed #520, related to #452 <Marc J. Schmidt>
fed7670 - Fixed missing closing "database" tag. <Marc J. Schmidt>
d1e3f06 - fix array casting in InCriterion and InModelCriterion. Fix #492 <Manuel Raynaud>
7c71da2 - Fixes #508 <gossi>
d05f094 - Added hhvm to travis config <Markus Staab>
02b8661 - fix failing tests in ArrayToPhpConverterTest <Charles Sanquer>
8c32a89 - must test if setIgnoreCase exists on each criterion <Manuel Raynaud>
fbdc1b3 - Tables with no primary keys confused code generators <Kévin Gomez>
a2b9369 - Fixed notice <Marc J. Schmidt>
cd47368 - add compatible doCount and doSelect methods from query_cache behavior with ModelCriteria class <Manuel Raynaud>
c32108e - Fixed memory leak in Collection class with a new implementation. <Marc J. Schmidt>
5e27559 - Removed slow call_user_func and replaced it direct call. #478 - Performance increase 50+ms <Marc J. Schmidt>
5389763 - Removed slow in_array and replaced it with isset for `modifiedColumns`. #478 - Performance increase 100ms <Marc J. Schmidt>
b017852 - Fixed bug where tableMaps were not cached. #478 - Performance increase from 16,252,928bytes/3.284s =>  12,058,624bytes/2.170s <Marc J. Schmidt>
dc1c45a - Changed old documentation-url to the new repository-url <Marc Philip Scholten>
c957f77 - Fixed Exception was created with wrong constructor call <Marc Philip Scholten>
d578844 - Add branch alias <William DURAND>
4f2bb75 - Remove documentation/ folder <William DURAND>
3e80681 - Little enhancement when displaying trees <Robin Dupret>
97dab46 - Remove references to the old DBDesign cookbook <Robin Dupret>
f186ee2 - Remove references about datasql and datadump commands <Robin Dupret>
cd06cfb - Remove references to Phing <Robin Dupret>
c0e8dcc - Fix a little typo on the number of generate classes <Robin Dupret>
6097f68 - Fix Propel's bin location with Composer set up <Robin Dupret>
172fd3c - Add Windows instructions to put propel bin in PATH <Robin Dupret>
73775ea - Basic update for the documentation about BaseObject <Robin Dupret>
7932256 - Update a little bit the doc for PHP 5.4 <Robin Dupret>
3157aef - Remove mentions about dbd2propel <Robin Dupret>
96da490 - Remove the Symfony 1.x documentation <Robin Dupret>
6faab4f - Update svn co url since is out of date <Robin Dupret>
815f8a0 - Update the contribution guideline <Robin Dupret>
f28f53a - Move path pointing to propel to Composer's autoload <Robin Dupret>
0c9ec7d - Update the references to the 1.x repository <Robin Dupret>
03e73c4 - Update references to Propel 1.x generated folders <Robin Dupret>
d88e281 - Fix symlink location in the installation guide <Robin Dupret>
7ac3a27 - Fix a broken link to the MIT license <Robin Dupret>
51d1b10 - Update for some deprecated objects and methods <Robin Dupret>
fa4d9a3 - Update the deprecated commands <Robin Dupret>
f78d29d - Remove deprecated doc related to PHP < 5.4 <Robin Dupret>
37c474c - Add a link to github "How to create a pull request" article <Nicolas Bastien>
80bf53c - Some migration fixes. <marcj>
e4423c7 - Port new sluggable behavior <Marius Ghita>
82e9924 - Sluggable failing tests (no. queries and regex) <Marius Ghita>



@willdurand willdurand released this · 412 commits to master since this release

More fixes, and tests in order to stabilize Propel2.


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