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Assets 2

More fixes and tests to stabilize Propel2.

2475d76 - Fixed #597, fixed broken joinType comparison <stevleibelt>
830cd9b - Fixed #609 - remove setters when readOnly <Marc J. Schmidt>
ef1e4eb - Fixed #477, Fixed #607, Fixed #604, Fixed #610 <Marc J. Schmidt>
e3810e0 - Fixed 'object' column type to allow saving the same object. <Marc J. Schmidt>
dd599ce - Made Sluggable port #376 compatible with all databases <Marc J. Schmidt>
eeda660 - Fixed #568 - Fixed index schema migration functionality <Marc J. Schmidt>
db70868 - Fixed typo in XMLDumper. <Marc J. Schmidt>
e02b068 - Fixed #455 - added timestampable options `disable_updated_at` (back) and new `disable_created_at` <Marc J. Schmidt>
5be861d - Fixed #598 - changed internal sql type from text to binary for propel type OBJECT. <Marc J. Schmidt>
442115c - Update AbstractFormatter.php <sbarex>
cf4e28b - Ref #480 - Fixed attribute 'PROPEL_ATTR_CACHE_PREPARES' <Marc J. Schmidt>
9b7b79f - Fixed #513 - don't overwrite <Marc J. Schmidt>
20a5842 - added sql-dir option as working directory <Dmitry.Krokhin>
4901e3b - cs fixes applied <Marc J. Schmidt>
c174239 - Fixed #588 - Third parameter not allowed for PDO::FETCH_COLUMN <Marc J. Schmidt>
bfa4ac3 - Fixed #564 - build crashes when no primaryKey on autoIncrement column <Marc J. Schmidt>
290eca7 - Fixed #488 - i18n behaviour double prefix table names <Marc J. Schmidt>
4cc5092 - Fixed #529 - MysqlSchemaParser ForeignTable not found <Marc J. Schmidt>
f0d1929 - use IteratorAggregate for Collections, so nested iterations are possible <Gregor Harlan>
3a2467d - Fixed #500 - table prefix gets added to the class name <Marc J. Schmidt>
8fcf069 - Fixed #483 - nested set orderByLevel <Marc J. Schmidt>
ca6b77e - Fixed #475 - MySQL Migration bug with indices <Marc J. Schmidt>
e118ff3 - boolean columns like "has_foo" get a hasser method "hasFoo()" <Gregor Harlan>
670d2e0 - fixed generated docs <Gregor Harlan>
5189d16 - use transaction(), remove obsolete commit() <Gregor Harlan>
903470b - feat(MigrationManager): Rollback comment <jaugustin>
ccc2cc0 - fix(MigrationManager): rename method updateLatestMigrationTimestamp <jaugustin>
a1c9668 - Added parallel migrations <Marc Philip Scholten>
4de0374 - fixed declaration of methods on Profiler classes <Livio Ribeiro>
e9e8b3d - Fixed relation handling. Fixed #473, #518, #262. <Marc J. Schmidt>
732b543 - added missing return statement <Gregor Harlan>
d113820 - use transaction() <Gregor Harlan>
c8080b0 - added TransactionTrait, fixes nested transactions <Gregor Harlan>
fca101a - Made Propel HHVM compatible with MySQL. <Marc J. Schmidt>
1260fcd - transaction: always return the result of callable <Gregor Harlan>
58f869a - return type hint for endUse() <Gregor Harlan>
a71bd9d - Fix getting option value from configuration <Heikki Hellgren>
20fb976 - fix for missing base query classes <Gregor Harlan>
f10e3a0 - Readonly tables should not have an importFrom method (see issue #543) <Marc Philip Scholten>
02a9444 - use "@return $this" for fluent style methods <Gregor Harlan>
f23cc76 - Fixed diff generator when several identical tables or columns were renamed <javer>
c8d8126 - Added more verbose output to migration manager <Marc J. Schmidt>
12001d0 - fixed path to composer.lock <Gregor Harlan>
82e33b4 - fixed TimestampableBehaviorTest <Gregor Harlan>
0698152 - fixed docs, type hints and imports <Gregor Harlan>
7fa1660 - travis: use fast_finish option <Gregor Harlan>
40b381e - removed SqlConnectionInterface <Gregor Harlan>
72bf51b - added ConnectionInterface type hints <Gregor Harlan>
60096fc - Update UniqueValidator.php <dsoares>
5ce4e9c - Fixed MigrationManager::getMigrationDir call which should be MigrationManager::getWorkingDir instead <Marc Philip Scholten>
f873f6d - add "isser" methods for boolean columns <Gregor Harlan>
45c8be6 - optimized generated classes <Gregor Harlan>
6001853 - PropelColumnTypes class used by bindValue method <Dmitry Krokhin>
9151055 - Improvement to develop behaviors <gossi>
c55bac4 - php 5.6 support <Gabriel Machado>
cde157f - fixed enum param/return type <Gregor Harlan>
6636c6c - Fixed "Undefined variable" in migration:status <livioribeiro>
8b5fe57 - Install Behaviors with Composer <gossi>
b704f5f - Delete test.sq3 <Marc J. Schmidt>
8060e19 - Fixes #502 <gossi>
e3599b4 - add recursive option to command for search in sub-dir for schema.xml fix #519 <fzerorubigd>
e56bc76 - Fixed #520, related to #452 <Marc J. Schmidt>
fed7670 - Fixed missing closing "database" tag. <Marc J. Schmidt>
d1e3f06 - fix array casting in InCriterion and InModelCriterion. Fix #492 <Manuel Raynaud>
7c71da2 - Fixes #508 <gossi>
d05f094 - Added hhvm to travis config <Markus Staab>
02b8661 - fix failing tests in ArrayToPhpConverterTest <Charles Sanquer>
8c32a89 - must test if setIgnoreCase exists on each criterion <Manuel Raynaud>
fbdc1b3 - Tables with no primary keys confused code generators <Kévin Gomez>
a2b9369 - Fixed notice <Marc J. Schmidt>
cd47368 - add compatible doCount and doSelect methods from query_cache behavior with ModelCriteria class <Manuel Raynaud>
c32108e - Fixed memory leak in Collection class with a new implementation. <Marc J. Schmidt>
5e27559 - Removed slow call_user_func and replaced it direct call. #478 - Performance increase 50+ms <Marc J. Schmidt>
5389763 - Removed slow in_array and replaced it with isset for `modifiedColumns`. #478 - Performance increase 100ms <Marc J. Schmidt>
b017852 - Fixed bug where tableMaps were not cached. #478 - Performance increase from 16,252,928bytes/3.284s =>  12,058,624bytes/2.170s <Marc J. Schmidt>
dc1c45a - Changed old documentation-url to the new repository-url <Marc Philip Scholten>
c957f77 - Fixed Exception was created with wrong constructor call <Marc Philip Scholten>
d578844 - Add branch alias <William DURAND>
4f2bb75 - Remove documentation/ folder <William DURAND>
3e80681 - Little enhancement when displaying trees <Robin Dupret>
97dab46 - Remove references to the old DBDesign cookbook <Robin Dupret>
f186ee2 - Remove references about datasql and datadump commands <Robin Dupret>
cd06cfb - Remove references to Phing <Robin Dupret>
c0e8dcc - Fix a little typo on the number of generate classes <Robin Dupret>
6097f68 - Fix Propel's bin location with Composer set up <Robin Dupret>
172fd3c - Add Windows instructions to put propel bin in PATH <Robin Dupret>
73775ea - Basic update for the documentation about BaseObject <Robin Dupret>
7932256 - Update a little bit the doc for PHP 5.4 <Robin Dupret>
3157aef - Remove mentions about dbd2propel <Robin Dupret>
96da490 - Remove the Symfony 1.x documentation <Robin Dupret>
6faab4f - Update svn co url since is out of date <Robin Dupret>
815f8a0 - Update the contribution guideline <Robin Dupret>
f28f53a - Move path pointing to propel to Composer's autoload <Robin Dupret>
0c9ec7d - Update the references to the 1.x repository <Robin Dupret>
03e73c4 - Update references to Propel 1.x generated folders <Robin Dupret>
d88e281 - Fix symlink location in the installation guide <Robin Dupret>
7ac3a27 - Fix a broken link to the MIT license <Robin Dupret>
51d1b10 - Update for some deprecated objects and methods <Robin Dupret>
fa4d9a3 - Update the deprecated commands <Robin Dupret>
f78d29d - Remove deprecated doc related to PHP < 5.4 <Robin Dupret>
37c474c - Add a link to github "How to create a pull request" article <Nicolas Bastien>
80bf53c - Some migration fixes. <marcj>
e4423c7 - Port new sluggable behavior <Marius Ghita>
82e9924 - Sluggable failing tests (no. queries and regex) <Marius Ghita>