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Extract the fixtures loading classes to a separate library #172

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I'm a little new to testing and I'm in the middle of adding tests to a project that uses Propel but not Symfony. I recently stumbled upon how awesome PropelQuickBuilder is, and I want to have a quick and easy way to import data fixtures.

I read that with Propel 1.6 you can export any PropelCollection to several different formats and I was saddened a little bit to find that the import side was not there from what I can tell with my limited digging around in the code.

I totally understand not wanting to add importing data from all the various formats to Propel 1.6 when you guys are going full force on Propel 2. As a minor compromise, is there a way to extract the fixtures loading stuff you guys did for Symfony as a separate library and then just add that library to PropelBundle's composer.json? That would allow me or anyone else still using Propel 1.6 to import fixtures without having to depend on symfony, sensio/framework-extra-bundle, and everything else.

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