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As a totally newbie in Sf2, I apologize if this is a dumb question.

as stated in the docs, you can reverse existing databases using the propel:reverse command. In my project using Symfony 2.2, defining four connections and reversing them works fine (the command places the generated schemas in app/propel/generated-schemas folder). So far so good...

But when I immediately try app/console propel:model:build -v I get the error: No schema files were found (matching your schema fileset definition). Then, checking the docs again, I read:

...Place the following schema in src/Acme/DemoBundle/Resources/config/schema.xml...

So, what Is the intended use of the reversed schema file(s) in Sf2?

  • May I configure the build_properties, to look into app/propel/generated-schemas? (this is, working with "global" schema file(s) just like in sf 1.4)
  • May I need to create a specific bundle, and copy the schema files there? If yes, do I need to do this everytime I call propel:reverse?
  • Maybe the propel:reverse task needs a bundle option, just like propel:form:generate to place the generated schemas in the correct location?

Just some thoughts... I don't know if this is a documentation issue, or some lack of feature in the reverse task... if anyone is working with reversed schemas, please share your experience!


jaugustin commented Mar 22, 2013

The documentation is not clear enough ;)

the generated schema should be moved to a bundle config dir.

havvg added the Enhancement label Jan 22, 2016

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