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Refactoring "hub" commands #91

willdurand opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Propel member

Some commands are using other commands but in a wrong way. We should refactor that part.

The existing code is more or less as below:


$cmd = new FooCommand();

This is wrong and I don't know how it can work.. The execute() method is protected.

The right way is:


$in = new ArrayInput(array(
       'command'        => 'foo',
       '--verbose'      => $input->getOption('verbose'),

$cmd = $this->getApplication()->find('foo');
$cmd->run($in, $output);
Propel member

It works because each of these FooCommand is a AbstractPropelCommand. Since both objects are of the class defining the protected method and a spicy PHP bug (or feature?), they are allowed to call "their" protected method.

Propel member

Maybe, I discovered the right way when I started to work on Propel2 commands..

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