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The Propel website and documentation.
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Latest commit cffa057 @robin850 robin850 Merge pull request #368 from peter17/master
Update documentation for PHP-5.5.
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_includes Update documentation for PHP-5.5.
_layouts Update documentation for PHP-5.5.
_posts Fixed minor english error
blog Added Propel2 current state and future blog post. Fixed font issues
css Improvements on the configuration tabs
documentation Merge pull request #368 from peter17/master
icons Fixed fork-and-edit link, added about-us, adjusted the layout a bit a…
images Added little svg with illustrates all common SQL JOINs.
js Added new layout.
psd Added new layout.
resources Added Propel SVG logo
.gitignore Import new Propel documentation
.travis.yml Disable caching as it makes the build to fail
404.html Update documentation for PHP-5.5.
Gemfile Fix Gemfile (hopefully) Added new layout.
_config.yml Update the namespaces chapter
about-us.html typos
contribute.markdown Nail-care for previous commits and fix some nit-picks
download.markdown Note that version 2 is not yet stable
favicon.ico replaced favicon with new blue design
google42a36ad144b0e785.html added google webmaster verification file, so we're able to see which …
index.markdown Update documentation for PHP-5.5.
search.markdown Added search engine. Fixes #11
support.markdown Fixed gitter link.

The Propel Website


Written in Markdown, built using Jekyll.

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