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The Propel website and documentation.
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Some tweaks to the "Buildtime" chapter

* Fix a few typos
* Wrap lines with a fix to 80 chars
* Remove `<br>` tags from tips and warnings since a `display:block`
  is already applied to blockquotes' strong tags.
* Remove the PHP script that bootstraps Propel ; this was explaining
  internals and it doesn't really matter to explain this API at this
  level; people just have to open the generated configuration file to
  dig deeper in Propel internals if they want to.
latest commit 9eb67ca2cf
@robin850 robin850 authored
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_includes Remove a closing slash to be consistent
_layouts typo
_posts fix this to $this
blog Fix warnings displayed starting the server
css Fixed #343 - hard to read fonts on windows.
documentation Some tweaks to the "Buildtime" chapter
icons Fixed fork-and-edit link, added about-us, adjusted the layout a bit a…
images Added little svg with illustrates all common SQL JOINs.
js Added new layout.
psd Added new layout.
resources Added Propel SVG logo
.gitignore Import new Propel documentation
.travis.yml Run the Jekyll build against Ruby 2.2
404.html Added new layout.
Gemfile Fix Gemfile (hopefully) Added new layout.
_config.yml Fix warnings displayed starting the server
about-us.html typos
contribute.markdown Nail-care for previous commits and fix some nit-picks
download.markdown Fixed version constraint
favicon.ico replaced favicon with new blue design
google42a36ad144b0e785.html added google webmaster verification file, so we're able to see which …
index.markdown added gitter and new badges
search.markdown Added search engine. Fixes #11
support.markdown Fixed gitter link.

The Propel Website


Written in Markdown, built using Jekyll.

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