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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ Test Client](
in the Symfony2 documentation, relies on this **test** environment.
-## The `test` Environment ##
+## The Test Environment ##
The `config_test.yml` file is where you have to put specific configuration for
testing purpose. For example, you can setup a new database for your tests like
@@ -99,10 +99,27 @@ Basically, for each test class, it will build everthing before to execute test
methods. By using this class, you just need to run `phpunit` in your project to
run all tests, including functional tests that rely on a database.
+{% highlight %}
+namespace Acme\DemoBundle\Tests\Controller;
+class DefaultControllerTest extends WebTestCase
+ // Your tests
+{% endhighlight %}
You can run more commands, like the `propel:fixtures:load` command. It's up to
you. You now have all keys to automatically run functional tests with Propel
+{% highlight php %}
+self::runCommand('propel:fixtures:lad @AcmeDemoBundle --yml');
+{% endhighlight %}
If you want to write unit tests for your Model classes for some reasons, you can
follow the same principle in your own `TestCase` class.

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