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* This file is part of the symfony package.
* (c) 2004-2006 Fabien Potencier <>
* For the full copyright and license informationation, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
* Create filter form classes for the current model.
* @package symfony
* @subpackage propel
* @author Fabien Potencier <>
* @version SVN: $Id: sfPropelBuildFiltersTask.class.php 23927 2009-11-14 16:10:57Z fabien $
class sfPropelBuildFiltersTask extends sfPropelBaseTask
* @see sfTask
protected function configure()
new sfCommandOption('connection', null, sfCommandOption::PARAMETER_OPTIONAL, 'The connection name', false),
new sfCommandOption('model-dir-name', null, sfCommandOption::PARAMETER_REQUIRED, 'The model dir name', 'model'),
new sfCommandOption('filter-dir-name', null, sfCommandOption::PARAMETER_REQUIRED, 'The filter form dir name', 'filter'),
new sfCommandOption('application', null, sfCommandOption::PARAMETER_OPTIONAL, 'The application name', true),
new sfCommandOption('generator-class', null, sfCommandOption::PARAMETER_REQUIRED, 'The generator class', 'sfPropelFormFilterGenerator'),
new sfCommandOption('all-connections', null, sfCommandOption::PARAMETER_REQUIRED, 'To build all connections', true),
$this->namespace = 'propel';
$this->name = 'build-filters';
$this->briefDescription = 'Creates filter form classes for the current model';
$this->detailedDescription = <<<EOF
The [propel:build-filters|INFO] task creates filter form classes from the schema:
[./symfony propel:build-filters|INFO]
The task read the schema information in [config/*schema.xml|COMMENT] and/or
[config/*schema.yml|COMMENT] from the project and all installed plugins.
The task use by default [all-connections|COMMENT] as defined in [config/databases.yml|COMMENT].
You can use only one connection by using the [--connection|COMMENT] option:
[./symfony propel:build-filters --connection="name"|INFO]
The model filter form classes files are created in [lib/filter|COMMENT].
This task never overrides custom classes in [lib/filter|COMMENT].
It only replaces base classes generated in [lib/filter/base|COMMENT].
* @see sfTask
protected function execute($arguments = array(), $options = array())
if (false === $options['connection'] && false === $options['all-connections'])
$options['connection'] = 'propel';
elseif (false !== $options['connection'])
$options['all-connections'] = false;
$this->logSection('propel', 'generating filter form classes');
$generatorManager = new sfGeneratorManager($this->configuration);
$generatorManager->generate($options['generator-class'], array(
'connection' => $options['connection'],
'model_dir_name' => $options['model-dir-name'],
'filter_dir_name' => $options['filter-dir-name'],
'all_connections' => $options['all-connections'],
$properties = parse_ini_file(sfConfig::get('sf_config_dir').'/properties.ini', true);
$constants = array(
'PROJECT_NAME' => isset($properties['symfony']['name']) ? $properties['symfony']['name'] : 'symfony',
'AUTHOR_NAME' => isset($properties['symfony']['author']) ? $properties['symfony']['author'] : 'Your name here'
// customize php and yml files
$finder = sfFinder::type('file')->name('*.php');
$this->getFilesystem()->replaceTokens($finder->in(sfConfig::get('sf_lib_dir').'/filter/'), '##', '##', $constants);
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