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The Propel widgets, validators, and form classes are fully documented in the [`doc/`]( file in this plugin source code.
+## Filter Subframework modification
+You now can merge or embed filters into filters, it works out of the box.
+``` php
+class ArticleFilter extends BaseArticleFilter
+ public function configure()
+ {
+ $this->mergeForm(new AuthorFilter());
+ }
## Routing Modifications
The plugin offer two new routing classes, `sfPropelORMRoute` and `sfPropelORMRouteCollection`. These classes are used by default in the models build with the propel admin generator. They behave just like the previous `sfPropelRoute` class - except they don't use the `methods` option anymore. Instead, use the `query_methods` option to execute a list of arbitrary query methods when calling `getObject()` and `getObjects()`.

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