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[1.6] Removed Agavi licence as the plugin no longer uses CreoleSessio…

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1 parent e040f63 commit 6dbd212ea64cfc83d9240f490c2f3f2cd56098fb @fzaninotto fzaninotto committed Feb 22, 2011
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-On behalf of Veikko Mäkinen, the original author of Agavi's CreoleSessionStorage, I hereby grant you a special, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to include and modify the CreoleSessionStorage in the symfony project under a license other than the GNU Lesser General Public License, subject to the following conditions:
-1) you must include and leave intact all copyright notices in the respective parts of the source code, if applicable.
-2) you must add a note to the source code stating that the original version the file is based on is licensed under the LGPL, but a special license was granted.
-3) you must either
- a) include this special license in a LICENSE.Agavi file, and reference it in the COPYRIGHT file, along with the proper copyright information and a note about the special character of this license, deviating from the original LGPL license, or
- b) include the copyright information and the license itself and make clear the existance and background of this license agreement in a manner of your choice, provided that it is of similar nature to that of other such information about third-party intellectual property bundled with symfony.
-December 8, 2006
-Munich, Germany
-David Zülke
-Lead Developer
-The Agavi Project

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