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Fixed issue inside generated form template

Inside the saveXXXList() method : $con attribute is passed as a
parameter to XXXPeer::doDelete() method, whereas it's not the case for
$obj->save() method. In multiple database connection environment, this
issue can lock tables.
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1 parent 9177ece commit cc9a024454274feaf17addafef5cc88df7cbbb9a lcallarec committed Jul 10, 2012
2 data/generator/sfPropelForm/default/template/sfPropelFormGeneratedTemplate.php
@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ public function save<?php echo $tables['middleTable']->getPhpName() ?>List($con
$obj = new <?php echo $tables['middleTable']->getClassname() ?>();
$obj->set<?php echo $tables['column']->getPhpName() ?>($this->object->getPrimaryKey());
$obj->set<?php echo $tables['relatedColumn']->getPhpName() ?>($value);
- $obj->save();
+ $obj->save($con);

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