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Problems with build-filters which not manage n-n relations. #130

ComOcean opened this Issue Apr 2, 2012 · 13 comments

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ComOcean commented Apr 2, 2012

Since last release, sfGuardPlugin doesn't work with sfPropelORMPlugin

The build-filters doesn't create the sfWidgetFormPropelChoice widget and validators for n-n relation.

Then I have in sfGuardPlugin :

Fatal error: Call to a member function setLabel() on a non-object in /MyProject/site/plugins/sfGuardPlugin/lib/filter/sfGuardPermissionFormFilter.class.php on line 17

bugbyte commented Apr 2, 2012

I'm having the same problem with the forms.
I've created a sfGuardPlugin_schema.custom.yml that takes cares of the missing crossRefs (which appear to have become mandatory):

_attributes: { package: plugins.sfGuardPlugin.lib.model }

_attributes: { phpName: sfGuardGroupPermission, isCrossRef: true }

_attributes: { phpName: sfGuardUserPermission, isCrossRef: true }

_attributes: { phpName: sfGuardUserGroup, isCrossRef: true }

However, sfGuardPlugin now works correctly but in other places I seem to have it mixing up the crossRef data in forms, creating widgets whose name does not correspond to the model-parameter of sfWidgetFormPropelChoice.
In some places the widget is missing where it should clearly be, in other it creates one choice widget with mixed up data instead of creating two or more widgets.

ComOcean commented Apr 2, 2012

Ok thanks a lot for this information.

I think, either

  • users will have to be warned and these change documented because it concerns a lot and a lot of plugins.
  • or it has to work like before (no need to update or customize all plugins)
bugbyte commented Apr 2, 2012

Looks like other are having similar problems: #129

Propel member

@jaugustin I think we need to revert your changes, or at least, to think a bit more on that...

Propel member

yes we can revert the changes and wrote another patch but I think we will have to do choices:

  • no BC break and keep bugs
  • little BC Break and fix bugs ;)

Maybe my patch could handle many-to-many without isCrossRef parameters but it will probably leave some bugs

bugbyte commented Apr 2, 2012

IMO having to explicitly set isCrossRef to enable it's behavior is fine, but I do have a problem with the mixing of several crossrefs, a I described in the second comment. If that can be fixed I'd be very happy.

ComOcean commented Apr 3, 2012

@jaugustin I understand but keep in mind that it introduce bugs in a lot of Symfony plugins (open-source or not) and projects.

Then it is not a "little" BC Break, it is a major BC Break that will have to be warned to all sfPropelORMPlugin users for next official release. Ok it is not difficult to add this property to all schemas but users will not have to spend hours to find where is the problem.

bdujon commented Apr 3, 2012

i also see this as a major bc break especially since isCrossRef method to add relation seems unstable

Propel member

I will work on a better patch,
For now the solution is to use the tagged version of the sfPropelORMPlugin 1.4

maybe @willdurand could revert my patch until I made a new one.

bdujon commented Apr 4, 2012

a revert would be nice for the svn users.

Propel member

you could use this svn url to checkout 1.4 tag

bugbyte commented Apr 4, 2012

@jaugustin I was just about to ask that question :)

bdujon commented Apr 4, 2012

thx @jaugustin i didnt know tags were accessible via github for svn users

@jaugustin jaugustin added a commit to jaugustin/sfPropelORMPlugin that referenced this issue Apr 4, 2012
@jaugustin jaugustin fix issue #129 and #130 with BC break of generated form for M2M witho…
…ut isCrossRef parameters
@jaugustin jaugustin added a commit to jaugustin/sfPropelORMPlugin that referenced this issue Apr 5, 2012
@jaugustin jaugustin fix many-to-many form generation when middle table join one table twice,
(only without isCrossRef=true) issues #130 #129
@willdurand willdurand closed this Apr 10, 2012
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